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Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Exchange - A Global Network II

The Exchange - A Global Network II


I've been reanalyzing the traffic and visitor statistics for this blog. As a result of this analysis I have discovered that I have been gaining readers from new countries. And my stats as a percentage of new readers have recently changed as well. My readership audience has become slightly more international as of late.

New Readers

Hong Kong
various Armed Forces Networks (meaning, it looks like, that military personnel stationed in various parts of the world are accessing this blog)

Many of the countries previously listed are also accessing this blog, especially Spain, only with new and different readers. For some reason however my audience in Spain has grown significantly. Which probably accounts for the fact that 11% of my recent audience has been European as compared to 8% last time I analyzed the stats.

I also have many new readers and visitors from a far wider variety of locations inside the United States and Canada.

However the international parentage of my readership is larger this week than last.
Very interesting.

New Visitors By Continent: (as a percentage)

New Visitors By Country: (as a percentage)

Also I've recently gone to Blogger in Beta, as many of you know. So far I'm really enjoying the move and the added functionality and ability to more individually customize this site.

Because of this you, the reader, should find this site far more functional and user friendly.

I have segregated my links into Personal Links (links to my other blogs, websites, portfolios and newsletters), Endorsements (links to other blogs I enjoy greatly or find very useful), a News section listing what I think are some excellent newssources, both domestic and international, a Representation (briefly describing the Missal and what it does and is about), a Support section, and I have placed the Syndication links at the top of the page, on the right, for easy access.

I will be adding other features and functionality as the Missal matures and as I learn how better to use the new features and hacks to build this site.

I will also be adding more pictures, photos and graphics as time proceeds, as well as adding audio files. I'll also be posting on a wider variety of subjects, as well as returning to previously unfinished posts and completing those.

But for the moment I'll be upgrading my other blogs and on-line portfolios to beta as well.

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