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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pesharim - Organization and Structure

Pesharim - Organization and Structure

Since I was a young fella, an early teen as a matter of fact, I've kept notebooks and sketch books of my notes, observations, ideas, experiments, sketches, designs, plans, dreams, travels, vads, cases, etc. These notebooks now house a lot of material and take up a good deal of space though recently I have compressed many of these old notes and files and matched them to my computer files on my primary system so that my notebooks and computer files all match.
No matter the subject.

But in reorganizing and collating my old notebooks it came to my attention that my notes and sketches on a myriad of subjects were all tangled and confused into huge collections without any real system of ordering or cataloguing or proper book-keeping. I was ruminating on this problem the other day and suddenly I was struck by a very simple idea. So simple that I'm amazed it has taken me so many years to think of it. The idea was this: I would divide all my efforts into separate notebooks devoted to single subjects, or to a very narrow spectrum of subject matter. That way whenever I want to consult my notebooks on the subject of my mathematical equations I can simply go to my math notebook, and if I'm looking for a poem I wrote or an idea for a non-lethal weapon then I can go to these separate notebooks and find what I want. I don't have to waste time and effort searching through a huge stack of old general notebooks to find what I want or to try to remember which particular notebook I stored a particular idea in.

I'm still keeping a General Idea Notebook to take with me everywhere but whenever I develop an idea and write it in my General Notebook I then transfer it to another notebook dedicated to the subject matter at hand, or if I'm home then I just make notes in the appropriate notebook in the first place. It's taken me months now with everything else going on to arrange this correctly but now all of my system files on all my systems, including my laptop is correlated to all of my physical files and all of my physical files are now correlated to the proper notebook on that subject. It will be almost impossible for me to waste much time now on searches or trying to remember where notes might be stored.

Finally the project is finished and this is the final result. I now have 26 separate note and sketchbooks, divided by subject matter, catalogued by type, and for use as I need them.


The following is a list of the Notebooks, Sketchbooks, Journals, Logues and Planbooks, which should be kept, and a brief description of the functions of each and what should be contained within them.

1 General Idea Book – (a sketch notebook – carried at all times in Notepack when out, otherwise kept at home) Covering all general subjects not included in or dedicated towards the specific subject matter of the notebooks below, such as general ideas on politics, chemistry, medicine, genetics, internet and web, film, photography, blog materials, newsletter(s) materials, general observations, etc. or to make notes in when ideas strike me away from home which I can then transfer to the appropriate notebook later on.

2 Writing – (a notebook) Covering all Writings, both Non-Fictional and Fictional except poetry, and also containing research and ideas pertaining to my writings.

3 Experiment’s Composition Book – (a Scientific composition notebook) Covering all aspects of my scientific experiments

4 Games Journal – (a notebook journal) Covering all invented Hard Games and Hard Game related matter and for Hard Game Transferable Skill Simulations.

5 War-Logue – (a notebook logue) Covering Anti-Criminal affairs, military affairs, intelligence and counter intelligence, cryptology, infiltration, camouflage, stealth, terrorism and counter-terrorism, espionage, psychological operations, case-work, investigations, interrogations, interviews, surveillance, weapons and non-lethal weapons design, suit design, related theories, related experiments, anticipation and prevention, law, communications, search and rescue, disaster relief, fire-fighting, research, and Justice.

6 Pocket Notebook – (a portable mini-notebook and memo pad, 3” X 5” – carried at all times in Daypack) Kept for interview, interrogation and article notations and for the making of emergency and fast notes when no other writing material is available.

7 Business Journal – (a notebook journal) Concerning Business Projects, Ventures, Enterprises, due diligence, entrepreneurism, contacts, etc.

8 Education and Homeschooling – (a notebook) Concerning subjects to study and master, general education, ideas about improving education, Personal Education Plan and Portfolio, The Renaissance Academy and homeschooling.

9 Poetry – (a notebook) Concerning poetic works, projects, experiments, forms, epic and heroic poetry, poetic sketches and proesy.

10 Investment and Capital – (a notebook) Covering investments, due diligence, venture capital, capital sources, funding projects, international investment, credit, investment and financial goals, contacts, etc.

11 Mathematics – (a composition notebook) Covering mathematical studies, formulae, equations, experiments and equations and formulae developed by myself for both mathematical and scientific projects of all kinds.

12 Music Composition – (a staff-ruled composition notebook) For the sketching of themes, melodies, harmonies, composition projects, scores, opera, song music, etc.

13 Lyrics, Librettos, Songs, Musical Projects – (a note and sketchbook) For the developing of song lyrics, librettos, and complex multi-part musical compositions.

14 Architecture and Design – (an art sketchbook) For the development of Design and Architectural projects.

15 Architectural Planbook – (a finished planbook) For completed architectural plans of all kinds.

16 Art – (an art sketchbook) For completed art drawings and final sketches.

17 General Art Sketchbook – (an art sketchbook) For the making of basic and preliminary sketches and drawings.

18 Sketch, Composition, and Design – (an art and design sketchbook) For the sketching of complex compositions and artistic designs.

19 Portable Art Sketchbook – (an art sketchbook) A portable art sketchbook for the making of sketches and drawings in the filed. Carried at all times in Notepack.

20 Comic and Graphic Novel Sketchbook – (an art sketchbook) For the making of sketches and designs and notes related to Comic Works and Graphic Novels.

21 Video Games Journal – (an art journal) An art journal and sketchbook for ideas, sketches, artwork, plots, writings and the overall design of video, computer, internet, and electronic games and Transferable Skill Simulations.

22 Religious Sketchbook – (an art sketchbook) Covering sacred art, music, liturgies, poetry, writings, materials and building designs, sermons, morals, theology, prayers, meditations, Missions Work, Ministry Projects, and Aesic Materials and Experiments.

23 Inventions Sketch Journal – (an art and note sketchbook) Concerning all inventions and invention related matters except for those inventions covered in the War-Logue.

24 Natural Science and Physics Journal – (an art and note sketch book) Concerning natural science, physics, and general science.

25 Discovery and Travel Journal – (an art and note sketchbook) Covering travels over land, fresh water, and sea, and by air, and the notes and sketches made as a result of these travels.

26 Vadding and Exploration Journal – (an art and note sketchbook) Concerning all Vadding, Rudding (Vadding in the country or wilderness), infrastructure studies, Urban Exploration and Urban Archaeology Expeditions. Notes and sketches made during these expeditions. Sometimes includes shared notes and sketches with War-Logue.

Tape Recorders and Digital Recorders – kept in the appropriate Pack (Day, Note, Vadding, Operational, etc.) or in my Offices.

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