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Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Exchange - Wiki Versus Website

The Exchange - Wiki Versus Website

I have established or am in the process of establishing all of my blogs; personal, business, professional and artistic.

However every time I set out to redesign one of my websites I discover new information about superior ways of developing, designing, and producing a website. I plan to build three, or build two actually, and rebuild one.

Recently I have been doing a good deal of research on the WEB 2.0. I have learned some interesting things including the creation of Wiki Websites and their various advantages and disadvantages regarding more normal and standard websites.

So for those of you in the know I would like to solicit your opinions.

What do you consider the best approach and web format system generally, both in terms of traffic and in terms of presentation and information sharing, the typical and more standardized Website, or the Wiki system?

Which do you consider the future of information sharing and presentation on the web? Is the website becoming dated and ineffective and static as a format or is Wiki too insecure and as yet too primitive and undeveloped?

Also, in regards to some of the Web 2.0 research I've been doing I've run across some very interesting software programs and websites.

Here are a few I thought you might find interesting:




I have also been updating my lists of Links to Other Blogs and Links to Interesting Websites. And I will continue to do so as warranted.

I will also be cross linking all Newsletters I produce with all of my Blogs and Websites as they become available.

Have a nice Labor Day.


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