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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pesharim - An Update on Operations

Pesharim - An Update on Operations

First of all I would like to express my gratitude to some of those friends, among others, who encouraged me to start blogging; mousestealth, the Brothers Aggresso (both the Major and the birdman), K, and the goddess, to mention a few. I'd also like to thank my wife who encouraged me to seek greater exposure and a larger audience for my writings and other works. Let me also not forget to mention those people, like Big Al, who gave me technical advice and assisted me with research in redesigning my websites and it getting started as a blogger. Your advice and expertise was most appreciated. And lastly I'd like to thank all of those other people who shall remain anonymous because they wish to remain so who have nevertheless encouraged me to put my work and writings on the web. I have come to realize in the past couple of months that not only has blogging been of immense value to my various business projects and endeavors, it has also assisted me with personal projects, current operations, experiments and exposure for my public writings. Of course my private writings will necessarily remain uncirculated except by those who need to see them but otherwise blogging has proven itself to me as a very valuable medium in less than three months time. Combined with my other communications experiments I suspect that blogging will continue to grow as an informational tool for me. I don't know why I didn't start earlier as has been suggested to me numerous times by numerous people, but I guess in the press of other work, and I guess because of my own fears of being unable to control my products I suspected that the effort would lead nowhere good. But I am coming to realize that I was very wrong in my previous assumptions and prejudices.

Secondly I'd like to thank those people who are now reading my various public works on the web with some regularity. My readership is growing, slowly but steadily, and I appreciate it. There would be little to no purpose in presenting and posting my writings and other work without readers. So I appreciate the fact that you are there, visit and view my pages, even when you make no comment. I hope I have put some interesting stuff up so far and hope to greatly increase the variety of interesting material I present as I become more fluent with this method of presentation. I also appreciate those readers who come to my various sites and blogs with the intention of gathering information but have no intention of commenting. To me you are equally important as an invisible and unspoken audience.

Nevertheless I invite any reader to visit this or any of my other sites as they wish, comment on anything they wish if they feel like doing so and feel free to contact me regarding any current, future, or past project which might be of personal interest. Also feel free to link to any of my sites anytime you wish and if you want then send me some information about your site and if you wish I'll be glad to add your link to my List of Other Blogs which appears in the sidebar of nearly all of my blogs and websites.

In the sidebar of all of my sites you will now see that all of my sites, blogs, portfolios, and newsletters are now cross linked. All of the links should be in working order and will navigate you to any place you choose. Email and disseminated newsletters will be similarly cross-linked.

I have developed a modus operandi of how I intend to blog and operate on the web. This method will work in the following way. My on-line portfolios and business sites will be updated when new information is available or as necessary due to on-going projects. Newsletter sites will be updated every time they are published and disseminated in original form, or as corrections or additions are needed. My three newsletters are published ordinarily once a month or so, sometimes sooner, sometimes later, depending upon what is needed and necessary. My writing sites will be updated as soon as new material becomes available and can be presented in a form I feel is edited properly and refined enough for posting. Overall few of my sites and blogs are completed or in anything like a final form I am satisfied with so I will be working as quickly and as hard as possible to put them in a form with which I am satisfied. Also I will be adding new content as soon as possible and other work and circumstances permit.

However this site, The Missal, will be updated two to four times a week or more as time and work permits. Also whenever I update my other sites or run across something of real interest it will be posted here first. So, in effect, the Missal will be the Gateway through which my other sites and work pass in order to become public.

I am therefore looking to blogging as being very helpful in several different but interrelated ways.

It will be helpful with:

Information and Intelligence Gathering
Contacts and Networking: in establishing new contacts, in forming new networks, and in maintaining my old contacts and networks
Business Projects
Personal Projects and Experiments, as well as Political Projects
Gaining Exposure for my Public Writings.

There will be other unmentioned benefits too I suspect. But we'll see how that goes as time passes.

In the near future I plan on finishing some of the posts I've already started here, the multi-part ones, that I have yet to complete.

Also I plan on posting writings on the following subjects:

The Duties and Education of the Renaissance Man - probably to be posted as a multi-part essay in the Opus Magnus.
The Human Suit - probably to be posted as a theory paper in the Opus Magnus.
Individual Education Accounts - to be posted on the Renaissance Academy
Grand Political Strategy - undecided as to where I will post this

I will also be posting some accounts of various criminal cases I have worked in the past and am currently working. But since these will not be modified fictional accounts I will probably just be posting synopses minus real names and place details.

I also intend, now that I'm up and going with this site in posting summaries of some of my Vadding and Rudding Expeditions. (For those of you who do not know, Vadding is a very old hacking term for physical hacking, or what is nowadays termed Urban Exploration. Rudding is a term for Rural Hacking/Exploration. By hacking of course I do not mean cracking.)

I may also establish a public blog whose purpose is to act as a Contact and Information Gateway for people on the internet who would like to establish electronic communications with people in different parts of the world in a more detailed fashion. When I was a teenager I had pen-pals from many different parts of the world, Asia, the Soviet Union, China, Europe, South and Central America, Australia, South Africa, and other parts of Africa. I found these contacts immensely helpful and interesting in many different ways. So if I establish this site it will allow people to establish in-depth communications with people throughout the world, but it will especially be targeted in assisting young people, military personnel, and missionaries in establishing communications, contacts and friends throughout the world. I don't know, I'm gonna have to research this project a little bit and see if such a site is really needed and if so how I might structure and operate it.

In other news I saw JC today at church. He was back from his latest duty station in the Air Force. I got to meet his wife today too, and she is pretty and very nice. JC did well for himself and I'm glad to see he prospers.

My nephew Sean has also finished his Air Force tech training and has shipped out to his tour of duty in Asia. He married before shipping out and I like his wife. She seems like a fine young woman. Sean looks like he is doing very well indeed though I think he lost way too much weight in basic. He was able to attend my grandmother's (his great-grandmother) funeral before shipping out. He and Bear were both pall bearers at the funeral and personally I greatly appreciated this. He was supposed to drop by before bugging out but either he cut out without the drop by or I missed him. But I guess with the packing and everything that has been going on I can't blame him for shipping before seeing me. Anyway because of his duties prayers for his service and safety are greatly appreciated.

One last thing I'd like to mention. Rhys from New Zealand listed some of my blogs in his sidebar section of Friends of a World of Bloggers. I returned the favor by listing his blog in my Links to Other Blogs. His blog is a very interesting site with a very unusual project underway. I think he has one of the more interesting blogging projects on the web along with the Bestest Blog site. Rhys site is called A World of Bloggers. The link is: http://aworldofbloggers.blogspot.com/

As I sit here writing this I'm listening to Handel's Messiah. The music matches my elevated mood at this moment, of how I feel about these recent developments.

So I guess I'm gonna knock off while I'm at the top of my game and go watch The Wild with my daughters. They both swear it's funny.

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