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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Signal, Sygnet and Sigil - White Paper

Signal, Sygnet and Sigil - White Paper

I am in the Process of writing a White/Theory Paper on Intelligence and Information Matters as regards the Internet and the World Wide Web. I am still not entirely certain of the contents of this paper, how long exactly it will take me to write or on which of my various Blogs or websites it will be posted.

I am uncertain also as to whether to make the paper limited access or public.

If you have any suggestions as to content or thematic issues you would like to see me discuss or any suggestions as to whether you think this paper should be publicly accessible or subscribed, let me know.

The paper/article will also briefly describe the various personal experiments I have conducted in these matters and what conclusions they have led me to draw as a result.

As of now the working title is: An Analysis of the World Wide Web and the Internet as regards Intelligence Matters, Information Sharing, and the New Methodologies of Data Distribution

Intelligence on the Internet - Terrorism, Intelligence, Information Sharing and Retrieval, Data Distribution, Counterterroism, Counterintelligence, International Criminal activity, Monitoring, Data and Intel Mining, Illicit Transfer of Information, Secret Transfer of Information, Vigilance, Private Communications, Substrata Communications, SubRosa Activities, Informational Pathologies and Degradation Vectors (Worms, Viruses, etc.) Clandestine Research, Cracking, Hacking and Informational Vadding Activities.

Paper Contents:

(Web) Blogs
Portals and Gateways
Web 2.0
Web 3.0 and 4.0
Surrogate Site Gates (SSG)
Surgical Data
Gray Lit
Black Lit
Project Information
Analytical Toolmaking and Collational Construction
Deep Mining, Wide Mining, and Hack Mining
The Underworld Web
Pathologies and Vectoring
Limited Accessibility Information (LAI)
Invisible Web (also known as the: Hidden Web, Black Web, Deep Web, Underground Web, the Invisible Net, etc.)
Open and Closed Military Intelligence
Experiments in Steganography, Encoding and Encryption
Public Sites as Secret Validators, Dead Drops, and Information Validators
Ubiquitous Exchange
The Vadding Imperative
Uncontrolled Experimentation

Glossary of Terminology

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