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Monday, September 25, 2006

The Exchange - Going Home

The Exchange - Going Home

Many of you know of my personal interest in this matter. Not just of a reconciliation between the Catholic Church and Science, though I think that a very good place to start, but of a reconciliation between all Christian Churches and Science.

So I'm very glad to see this and Benedict's interest in this.
The more I see and read of Benedict the more I truly like the man.
I see now why John Paul groomed him and hoped he would be chosen.
If he lives long enough he could be an excellent pope.

Pope's evolution seminar to be published

Posted 9/6/2006 7:59 AM ET

Staff and wire reports
USA Today
Pope Benedict XVI and his former doctoral students plan to publish the proceedings of a recent seminar on evolution to promote a dialogue between faith and science on the origins of life, participants say.
The minutes, to be issued later this year, will show how Catholic theologians see no contradiction between their belief in divine creation and the scientific theory of evolution, participants said after the annual closed-door meeting ended Sunday.

Controversy surrounding the theory of evolution has grown in the USA, where conservative Christians who oppose teaching it in public schools promote rival views such as intelligent design, which scientists reject as religion in disguise.
Benedict has been "concerned for a long time, and especially now that he is pope, about fostering a discussion between faith and reason," the Rev. Stephan Horn, a German theologian who organized the sessions, told Reuters.
"He probably believes there is not enough public discussion about this, so that's why he wants to revive it."

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