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Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Exchange - My Wiki Wunderkind

The Exchange - My Wiki Wunderkind

I've been working on creating some new websites to replace my old ones. While doing that I researched some Web 2.0 articles and sites on Wiki websites.

After doing the research and experimenting around I discovered that Wiki sites are far superior to normal, static HTML and related sites.

Construction is far easier. It's as easy as a matter of fact as using a standard Word Processing/Office program. And just as fast. All you really have to do to create the site you want is create whatever content you want in any other program and then cut and paste to your website.

Coding is nothing, it's all done for you. Links are created just as simply. In many ways it reminds me of when I was a kid and computers were punch cards or entirely codes and complicated languages (standard websites) and now when the program does all of the coding for you (Wiki), all you have to do is be able to type. It's like the difference between 1960 television sets and modern big screens where all you have to do is point and shoot with the remote. Functionality is incredibly more versatile.

Anyway I just started last night and this morning building my new writing website, the Center and Circumference. I haven't put much content on it yet, but have just been experimenting, building menus and tables of content, and site contents, stuff like that. It's incredibly easy to do and I've gotten 1000 mb to play around with plus additional storage capacity for other things. Far more than I'll need.

I'm gonna improve the graphics a little bit as time goes along, but as far as construction, it takes minutes instead of hours now, and you really don't have to worry about coding anything other than the most elementary commands that a three year old could follow. For instance I created page links by just putting brackets [ ] around the names of the pages I had already created. You can create tables of contents automatically just by typing in plus exclamation marks !

And navigation is so intuitive and easy that it's just a matter of point and click, for me and the user.

All of my websites, business, writing, etc. will now be built using this method.

Unless more normal programs of website creation and hosting vastly, vastly improve then I'll never be going back to the old ways. Web 2.0 for my own sites from now on, that is until the next better thing comes along. But for now Wiki is my wunderkind.


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