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Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday Political Appraisal 12/18/06

Monday Political Appraisal

Circumcised Heterosexual Males less likely to Contract HIV

Ipswich Ripper in Atlantic City?

Report From Iraq

AFIG in Africa

Watada in the Northwest

China, Trade, the Dems, and Isolationism

Culture Warfare

New North Korea Talks

Carter the Peacemaker?
- I've always severely doubted Carter as a leader, from the days of his Presidency. But as a Peacemaker it has become apparent to me in the past five years or so that the very term is a misnomer when applied to the man. Peace doesn't seem to be his end, but rather his means.

Johnson Faring Well - Good. Politics ends where a man's life is at stake as far as I'm concerned. We'll live through a Democratic Senate, I hope he does as well.

Gingrich Should Run - Gingrich should run regardless of who has what, when, and where. The man should run regardless of any circumstance in either the Republican or Democratic parties. I'm not sure he could win but he is exactly the kind of man we should have as President.

Constitutional Showdown - Good. I'm looking forward to such a showdown.


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