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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Eve of the Morn

Karpas - Eve of the Morn

Eve of the Morn

T'was the Night before Christmas
And all on the Net
It was quiet as a church mouse
When the moon has just set,

Children and adults
All sit by the fire
Wondering if the morn
Might fulfill their desires,

With visions of sugarplums
And a high calorie snack
For a quick bedtime meal
With gifts to unpack,

A Playstation Game
Maybe even a new system
The possibilities so grand
They exceed even mention,

Robots and toys
And the best electronics,
Some of this stuff
Even gives me mnemonics

Of a day and a time
Now far lost to past
When I was a child
And Christmas a blast

But by searching my thoughts
For those long ago nights
I now realize
Why my Christ Mass was bright

On the Eve of the Morn
On the Day of the Dawn
All my family would gather
By our blood were we drawn

To gather and mingle
To just congregate
To mix with a jingle,
To never be late

Every man to his mission
Every gal to her meal
Every child to his present
Everyone did appeal

And despite all the problems
Which plagued us at times
That one simple morning
Gave hope most sublime

It gentled our worries
It conquered our cares
It made men of peace
When the world did despair

It comforted the lonely
Gave hope to the weak
Made happy the distraught
No one could misspeak

And the days of the Days
Of the coming New Year
Would be that much brighter
When lit by such cheer,

And now I'm a man
Of a much older cast
And I relish with relish
That I realize at last,

Christmas is New Birth
A Babe and a Song
It is all those we now have
All those parted so long

The Ghosts of the Past
And the Children of Now
The Hope of the Future
The Faith we Avow,

The gifts but a symbol
Of the Peace and the Grace
Knowing Tomorrow
In our present Embrace

I cannot but wonder
At the Wonder of All
When God rises in us
Whatever befall

And to Christ in the Manger
Who reminds me this Eve
That all will be well
For the good you conceived

My nightfall is happy
My heart is at rest,
My Christmas is coming
May you too be blessed...

Merry Christmas to Everyone

Peace on Earth, Good Will towards Men


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