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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Global Network IV

The Exchange - A Global Network IV

After going over recent traffic stats, and the traffic here at the Missal has been steadily growing lately, I've revisited my Global Network.

It turns out that now my traffic comes mostly first and foremost from North America, as has always been the case, then Europe, then Oceania. Previously the third most popular bit of Continental Traffic had been from Asia.

As for countries the first slot goes to the US of course, but then Canada, followed by Australia, and the UK seems to have practically disappeared as a traffic factor for now. I am very pleased however with the amount of traffic I'm getting from Eastern Europe and Asia.

I intend to be increasing content soon because I have invited some rather talented new writers and contributors to join me at the Missal, and as soon as I can get it up and running, at the B-Reader. I'll be discussing this more in future posts and soon I hope you will be seeing writings and posts form some of our new writers.

I also hope to appeal to a new audience of conservatives throughout Europe and Asia because I have invited some European conservatives and Libertarians to write for the Missal. I'm looking for good, conservative Asian and South American writers as well. If that all works out then I hope to bring on board European and Asian writers who can use the Missal to discuss conservative political, social, moral, and religious matters in their parts of the world.

To make the Missal an even bigger and more effective Global Network.

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