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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pesharim - Will There Be Giants in Heaven?

Pesharim - Will There Be Giants in Heaven?

While cutting the grass today and thinking about animals, intelligence and soul a whole other set of questions began to circulate through my mind stimulated by some previous musings.

Will there be giants in heaven?

How will capabilities be expressed in heaven?
What will be the range of variance in heaven of various capabilities, skills, talents, and abilities and how will these variations be expressed? What will be both the nature and degree of variation in heaven?

What will be the nature of the similarities and differences between let us say a human spirit and an angelic spirit? What about other types of beings, e.g. non-human spirits? What will be the degree of variation between entic life in heaven? How will various beings and entities interact with one another? Is there a spiritual analogue to the human physical genetic code and if so how will one spiritually evolve over eternity?

What will be the relationship between capability and appearance (if any)? For instance will spiritual giants appear as giants is size, mass, energy, etc? Is spiritual nature in any way reflected in appearance or perception of appearance?

Is it possible over time for a soulless creature to develop a soul? Is it possible to help a soulless creature or a creature with a latent soul express that soul? If so are we obligated to assist in such endeavors or are we responsible only for our own soul or only for other human souls? Is interfering with the psychic (by this I mean soul) development of another creature or being “playing God” and something with which we should not be involved or is it an obligation we owe others?

What is the work of the soul? What types of work will we be involved or engaged with in heaven?

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