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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Marxed - Would You?

Marxed - Would You?

Would you date a modern day liberal chick just to get laid?

Is that the only reason you'd date her?

Now I've been out of dating circles for what, ten to twelve years or so, maybe longer. And dating is certainly a lot different today than it was then. But a friend of mine recently asked me this question and I had no real answer for him.

He wants to date. He's thinking about it. But he wants safe politics too.

Should he just go for it and wear a brain condom?

Is the danger of psychological leakage too great?

Could he contract AIDS? (Acquired Idiotic Democrat Syndrome)

What about STDs? (Stupidly Transmitted Democrats)

What do you talk about if you take a modern liberal home to meet the folks? Conserving feces? 16th century agriculture? Rearming Hizbollah? Socializing Security? France? Canada? Pop Stars?

If you date a modern liberal does that mean that you automatically have to start paying to feed the herd of hippies who graze around the chick you're seeing?

Should you bathe before dating a modern liberal or just do as they do in Rome?

Is dating a modern liberal considered a prelude to Gay Marriage?

Do you have to try and hide how smart you are around modern liberals or will they just never notice anyway?

Heck if I know...

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