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Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Glair - Asian Terrorists in Plot to Blow Up Jet Airliners

The Glair - Asian Terrorists in Plot to Blow Up Jet Airliners

John William George reporting for the BCC

Filed: 7:57 AM
Thursday, August 10, 2006

This morning, in a dramatic series of arrests, British authorities announced the apprehension of a set of what are being described as allegedly major figures in an ongoing international terrorist plot.

The plot, which was well coordinated and supposedly close to being executed, would have involved the simultaneous and multiple detonation of chemical explosives aboard several commercial and passenger jets flying from England to America. The plot could have potentially involved far more aircraft than were involved in the 911 and Bojinka plots.

British authorities announced that as many as 30 to 50 individuals may eventually be arrested and described the plotters as Asian in origin. Asian terrorists are generally described by British officials as anyone whose background may be Asian, such as Hindoo, Sikh, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai, Australian Aborigines, Mongolians, Burmese, Japanese, Israeli or those from the area of the Java Sea. Unless proven conclusively and by overwhelming weight of evidence one is not to assume that the term Asian terrorist is to be in any way construed as being equivalent to the term "Muslim" or "Islamic Terrorist."

Please stay tuned to this news source for the latest and most accruate reporting on these incredible events.

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The Minister of Incorrectness, Political and Blasphemous said...

Obviously they had to be Asian. Because the self-proclaimed religion of peace [or was that Pus?] would never desecrate the memory of their founder Mohammed [Piss be upon him] with such acts.