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Thursday, September 11, 2014

WHAT I REMEMBER: 9/11, 2014

This is hardly a day to celebrate, of course, but it is a day to remember so that we may hopefully better foresee the future.
What bothers me about this day is not that we were ambushed, for anyone can be, or even that we did not anticipate 9/11/01 (we should have, but humans are humans, we do not anticipate everything, even those things we easily should) but how easily we have dismissed the implications of this day.
We are in the very early stages of what may very well promise to be another Hundred Year’s War.
Yet so many are still so naïve, so self-absorbed, so easily deluded.
They thought this would all be over quickly, won easily, that they could return unabashed and untroubled to their self-indulgent and erroneous political theories and their quaint causes and their video games and their personal interests du jour and that the War on Terror would disappear because they and their self-appointed leaders so desired. Merely because they chose to stop calling it a war. As if anything ever disappears simply by un-naming it.
Good luck with that.
You’re sure as hell gonna need it.

Evil doesn’t give a shit what you think of it. It doesn’t care what you want. It doesn’t care how complacent or apathetic or naïve or just plain ignorant you desperately desire to be. It doesn’t care who you are. It likes to make martyrs, not be martyred, it likes the weak, it likes the naïve, it likes the apathetic, and it especially loves the overly sophisticated, the urbanized intelligentsia, and wholly self-deluded (I apologize for being redundant, that was just for emphasis). They all make for awful good eating.
Evil is what it is folks, and it is a hunter of the unprepared, and it is extremely patient, and it smells blood where you smell your own self-absorption and Danish topped coffee stains.
So just get used to it, it is the way of things.
You might think war is something you wage on TV and film screens, something that will be won in a single tow-hour fictional combat by Captain America and Batman. You might think it can be won by words and empty suit promises by painted pretty boy Presidents who can’t wipe their own asses for confusing it with a back-nine grass-covered golf hole.
But what you’re likely gonna get is something altogether different and more costly than that.

So, get used to it sunshine.

You just have no idea of what’s coming... and how little you yet understand.
And God help us, maybe you’ll just get lucky, eh?
Then again luck is no more of a plan than Hope and Change.

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