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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I've reinitialized the Missal. The Missal will now become my personal and political and religious blog, though I'll also cover other topics as well, such as military and law enforcement matters. I'll disclose more details later, but for now I'll be making regular blog posts to the Missal once or twice a week again.

I also have other blogs I am currently writing. If you would like to visit one of my other blogs they are as follows:

Wyrdwend : my Literary blog covering my writings - fiction and non-fiction, my songwriting, and my poetry.

Launch Port : my business and entrepreneurial blog covering business, career, entrepreneurship, start-ups, capital and funding, and my inventions.

Tome and Tomb : my gaming and game design blog.

You are welcome to link to or follow any of my blogs. All readers are welcome.

Have a great day,


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