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Friday, September 26, 2014


This pretty much confirms what I believe. Modern police training is abominable. And reckless and totally contrary to your real function, to protect and serve. Cops are being trained that they are at war with the Citizen.

Police, you are not at fucking war with the Citizen. You're supposed to be serving him. Drawing your weapon and shooting unarmed, peaceful men before they present themselves as threats is utterly inexcusable and entirely unmanly. AND ENTIRELY UNMANLY. Do you understand what that means? I say this as a man who is usually sympathetic to the police.

You could have killed this man for complying with your request.

YOU MUST BE BIGGER THAN YOUR TRAINING. If not you are smaller than yourself.

You keep killing your own cause, and sometimes innocent men. But in the end you must control yourself first, son. No one else.

Manhood requires far more than being a trained automaton. Your job is to protect the innocent from danger, not to become dangerous to the innocent.

If you do not realize this then who will? And how can any amount of training prepare you for recklessly and impulsively shooting the innocent?

It is well past time to change my friends. For your sake as much as anyone's.

South Carolina man shot by police after alleged seatbelt violation

"Sir, why was I shot? All I did was reach for my license. I'm coming from work."

The moment South Carolina State Trooper Sean Groubert shot Levar Jones.
The moment State Trooper Sean Groubert shot Levar Jones.
COLUMBIA, SC — Dashcam video captured the moment an unarmed man was shot by a state trooper while being confronted about alleged not wearing a seatbelt.
The motorist, 35-year-old Levar Jones, pulled into a Columbia convenience store parking lot on September 4th, 2014.
South Carolina State Trooper Sean Groubert was lurking in his cruiser adjacent to the parking lot, and watched as Mr. Jones slowly pull his white pickup truck into the lot. Officer Groubert waited a moment for Mr. Jones to park, then pulled his cruiser up behind the truck...

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