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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

IRAN: No Country for Small Men

As many of you know I have long been a proponent of freedom and democracy in Iran. Indeed not just in Persian Iran but also in places throughout the Arab world as well, such as Saudi Arabia.

I know that due to the recent elections things have become tumultuous throughout Iran. And for good reasons. The elections there were obviously skewed and corrupt.

I haven’t blogged in a long time, but I thought this was as good a time as any to make a public pronouncement on my sentiments. Not that my sentiments are what is important, but I just wanted the young people, the old people, indeed anyone in Iran who desires true liberty to know that this American watches your situation with great, and even personal interest. And I have been praying for your liberty and your freedom (for a long time) and for you to have the type of government you can be proud of and that kind of country in which you can flourish and fully exploit your individual and national talents. Which are obviously and historically many and great.

I will continue to pray for the people of Iran, for you are not my enemy, nor the enemy of my nation. I know, and you know, who the enemy of your nation is, and it is not America anymore than you are our enemy. But if I can be of even more practical service in your cause I will be, and indeed I have tried to be for some time now.

So yes, you will be attacked. Yes, I am sorry to say, some of you will be unjustly and viciously slain for the just demands you now make upon your false government and your efforts to establish a far more viable and honest and honorable and free Iran.

God Bless you then and be with you in your cause.

It is a good cause, a just cause, a true cause, and not just one worth dying for, but also one worth living and struggling and fighting for. So I hope and pray you are safe. But above all I pray you are successful. And with courage and determination you will be. And when this is decided in your favor remember us, for many of us in America foresaw this day long ago, as you did. We knew liberty would march throughout your region of the world and that when it did, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, and in your nation, it would also free the trapped and ingenious energies and imaginations of those who know of what they are capable, but have been too long suppressed by men with small imaginations and even less wisdom.

So to all Iranians I say, forget the naysayers, forget those who say the Wars of Liberty cannot be won in your region of the world, forget those filled with doubt and small spirits and timidity and fear. The fearful have their reward, and may they enjoy what small comfort it ever gives them. You, though, are not such people. You are part of the future of the World. Be what you were always meant to be. Be great again.

And for my many Christian brothers and sisters in Iran, even you secret and hidden Christians. Rise up courageously and take your nation in a new and better direction. Set it free. For in Christ there is no Jew or Gentile, no Greek, no bondsman or servant, no Iranian or American separate from and disregarded from the other, but all men and women are one, and equal, and free. Your struggle is mine. Have courage and run until the race is completed. And when you win, as inevitably you will, I will see you at the finish line and I will say to you, “well met my friends, I knew you would make it. It was destiny, and it was God’s will.”

Liberty is your inevitable individual birthright. It’s yours by nature, now take and prove it with action.

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