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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Science and Technology Abstract - 6/23/09

Tuesday Science and Technology Abstract

Intuition, Email, and Doom - When do people know what they don't yet?

The Cyborgin Impulse

Metastatically Examined

The Tilted Mass

I find this one particularly interesting as personally I have often wondered at the many seeming inaccuracies and inconsistencies (both physically and mathematically) in common models of solar system formation.

The Stretchable Creation

The Listening Ear

I've long been a proponent of biologically based and biologically modeled technologies, for obvious reasons. Here is a good example of why. The applications are enormous, for what if one designed chips and recovers of a molecular and genetic nature based upon the hearing capabilities of dogs and wolves?

The New Spin

I also have to wonder how this might effect practical applications of Spintronics.

The Entrained Brain

The Great White Serial Killer

I'd like to see this used as the basis for developing analysis systems for violent human psycho and social pathologies. In other words develop this study into a predictive analytical tool concerning human serial killers, as one possible application. I'm not talking about the direct correlation, but the generla methodology.

America's Most Twittered

I've recently been considering the real value (if any) of various social networking applications. Here is an application I could actually make real use of.

The Sharp Alchemist

Need I say more?

The Resonant Recharge

The New Cyber-Warfare

The Sunny Devil

I know I have included more than the usual number of articles in the Abstract. But the past few weeks have seen some very interesting and exciting developments in the various disciplines of science and technology that I thought were well worth examining.

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