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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July

My nation has many problems at this point in history, mainly economic and political. Yet today is the Fourth of July. Anything is possible, and many things are still probable.

May this day be the Rebirth of a new spirit of responsibility and liberty in this land, and a return to the Revolutionary fervor that gave us the courage to be free men and women, to reshape the world, and to bring about a new age in our own affairs, and in the affairs of men.

God I ask that you have mercy upon my nation, and I know that you have and that you will, but most of all I ask that you guide and help us with a renewed and divine wisdom so that we may put aside our recent mistakes and terrible arrogance, that humility again reign in our hearts, and that immediate, urgent, noble, and holy ambition allow us to reform our nation and our government, both of which are disastrously sick with overmuch corruption and barren and bankrupt self-indulgence.

I've had enough of the way we are, help us to again become what we should be.

And we will be again. If we but try.

Happy Independence Day my fellow countrymen.

Let's make that phrase meaningful again.

Free men are free of the need of an enslaving and irresponsible government.
Free men are free because they are not afraid to govern themselves responsibly.


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