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Sunday, November 04, 2007

American Superior Pups

The Exchange - American Superior Pups

For an article on the American Superior please see this link: The American Superior

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All puppies have been sold.

We have decided to have one last litter since so many people have requested an American Superior puppy, but the litter to be born sometime between March and April 2008 will be the last litter from our female.

I have decided to post pictures of all of the puppies except the one we are keeping, Sam, because out of curiosity several of the new owners have asked to view pictures of all of the pups of this litter, and I am more than happy to do that. Therefore I am re-posting pictures of all of the pups, even the ones already sold or already on deposit. If they have been sold or are on deposit then this will be noted next to their name and the information about them.

This time the litter developed from thirteen pups.

This litter has produced two varieties, mantle (black furred with white chest), tending towards short haired, and brindled (tiger-stripe) who tend towards having fur of medium length. Most appear as if they will be Saint Dane in body shape, with a couple who will apparently be Great Bernards.

Below are pictures of the litter for the readers of this blog, and for those who have already purchased one of the puppies.

They are already weaned and eating both semi-solid and solid food.

All of the pups are extremely intelligent.
They will all be large dogs and will make excellent family pets, and/or guard, watch, hunting, and work dogs. All pups are one-quarter Saint Bernard and three-quarters Great Dane.

The father is a trained guard-dog. Our pups have been kept as family pets, work dogs, police dogs, and watch/guard dogs.
They are very protective of children and very affectionate.

If you would like to own one of these puppies then please contact me by email: occu77@netzero.com

Marcus - male, brindle, very exploratory and playful (Already Sold)

Achilles - male, black, largest of the black males, most physically powerful of entire litter, extremely protective and already good watchdog, extremely calm and affectionate (Already Sold)

Goddard - male, black, most affectionate male, also very playful, good kid dog (Already Sold)

Echo - female, brindle, very pretty and playful (Already Sold)

Ivana - female, black, largest and most powerful female of entire litter (Already Sold)

Mina - female, black, smaller female who is very affectionate (Already Sold)

Regina - female, black, very independent and inquisitive (Already Sold)

Tabitha- female, black, independent and very protective (Already Sold)

Jake - largest of the brindles, heaviest dog of entire litter (Already Sold)

Sasha - first sold, smallest of brindles, very fiesty and spirited (Already Sold)

Bart - father, Great Bernard (one-half Saint Bernard, one-half Great Dane)

Noal - mother, black (mantle), full blooded Great Dane


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Donald Douglas said...

Nice pups! I'm a sucker for dogs, though I haven't had one since I lived with my parents.

Jack said...

They are indeed a beautiful and impressive litter.

Sorry for the delay in response but I've been out of town.