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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Times they are A'Changing

The Exchange - The Times they are A'Changin

I've made a few upgrades and changes to the site.

I've also updated my Favored and Approved lists along the bottom of the side-bar, and put up a new poll on Global Warming.

I've also updated my Recommendations links. I'm recommending both Likelihood of Success, and Rome Reborn as worth taking a gander.

I'll be making a few other improvements and updates as time goes along. I'm in no hurry and I'm in no way back to everyday blogging as to be honest, I don't really think of blogging as that important in the big scheme of things, or very important at all, and truth be told I've got a helluvah lot more important things to do with my time. Especially right now.

But I'm gonna get things done here as quick as I can and I'm also revising many of my other sites as well, my blogs, my portfolios, and my webpages. My newsletters will probably come last.

When I got something big coming up to post then I'll probably let you know ahead of time.

Well, I got other stuff to keep me busy tonight so I'll see ya later.
Hope you're all well.


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