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Saturday, August 04, 2007

My Bitch Delivered

Pesharim - My Bitch Delivered

This morning, probably between 0100 and 0200 from the looks of it, my bitch littered.

We found her and the pups in a deep hole she had dug underneath the south deck of the house. Thirteen pups in all, a black and white one who was apparently still born from an examination of the body and a golden one apparently that she had crushed by accident later on were dead, before we found her and the litter. It’s a real shame that any of them died, they are all such beautiful looking pups and the golden one was the only one of the litter that color, and I had hoped to replace Maximius (who we lost from the last litter and was also golden) with this golden boy. But alas, things happen you cannot control or don’t see coming. That golden pup would have been a real monster too from the looks of him. He was the biggest of the lot, but I guess some things are just not meant to be. I buried the two dead ones with their brother Max.

Anyways the good thing is that about half of the others are Tiger Stripe the extremely unusual in appearance and unique brand of Great Bernard produced by my male Great Bernard and my female Great Dane. Pictures of previous litter here.

So we’re gonna keep the biggest male Tiger Stripe of this litter and probably call him Maximius Saint George after his two uncles, or just Max for short.

I’m extremely proud of my bitch. Thirteen pups in a single litter, and eleven survivors. She’s strong, there’s no doubt about it. Never even heard a whimper out of her, just like with the last litter. She’s the best bitch I’ve ever had and I’ve had some good bitches. Kara was a good bitch, after all Bart (the sire of this litter) was her brood and he and his brother are/were the best dogs I’ve ever had. Kara was a very good bitch but Noal is even better. She’s black as midnight, tough as pig iron, beautiful as a long-legged quarter horse, fast as the wind, and sweet as a Southern lady. Damn good guard dog too. And smart as a whip. Maybe the smartest dog I've ever owned next to George.

Apparently all of the vitamins, supplements, and metaergogenic enhancements I had been feeding her and Bart had acted like fertility drugs too. Last litter she put out ten and nine survived (one being still born). This time thirteen of eleven survived though if we had found her early enough this morning then it might have been an even dozen to live, including the golden boy. She had been huge of course, and her tits were enormous, but even I never expected her to deliver thirteen rounders in a single litter.

If our male tiger stripe lives to six months or so then were gonna have her spayed. The others we will sell for between 400 and 500 like last time. I sure am looking forward to seeing how this litter develops. They look like they are gonna be incredible dogs, just like the last litter. I’m not making the same mistakes I made last time though, this time I’m taking lots of pictures and they will be fed Raw Food (not canned food) like their parents and given even more supplements than the previous litter. Plus, since there are so many of them we'll bottle feed em as they start to develop, like last time.

Bart will also like having another big boy around to play with to take the place of his brother George (who was killed by cottonmouths). Even better it will be his own son.

Well, I gotta lot a work to do today, including laying down a den for them in the basement. I’ll get pictures up as soon as I can.

© JWG, Jr. 2007


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