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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Future Speak

The Glair - Future Speak

Me likey! If he holds to his line, that is.

But a lot of the points he mentioned are things I've been politically pushing for years and years.

I especially like the idea of a League of Democracies, though for years and years I've been saying we should have a League of Republics and like minded nations (instead) as most of you know, rather than relying on the UN. As a matter of fact a League of Republics and Allies would make the UN obsolete if it functioned properly and would cripple lingering communists and despots everywhere.

I don't know. I'm like a lot of people I reckon, I don't really know what to make of McCain, even now, or exactly how to take him. And something about the man makes me uneasy, and always has. Psychologically and behaviorally speaking. But he's proven himself in the past and who knows, he may just end up being another Theodore Roosevelt. (Another man who was initially never expected to be President, another man of somewhat similar and radical and maverick background who became an absolutely fantastic and tremendously excellent and effective president. My favorite Presidents by the way are Lincoln, Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan, in that order, though from time to time the order shifts a bit in my mind in favor of one man or another.)

And I know that when a man becomes President he operates differently from how he operates as a Congressman or Senator (Thank God) and this remains by hope with McCain. Despite having been a Senator for so long he will have nevertheless not been totally ruined and may yet rise above that unfortunate association. I'm still not thrilled with a former Senator for President, but since it looks like that is our national doom in any case, at least, I hope, a man who can rise above that sort of thing as a hawk can rise above a stinking carcass when he's had his fill of decomposing entrails.

In any case at least the man is talking a good game.
Now run John, run, and play like you really mean it. And if your achievements match your words, then hell man, I'll fight in your corner.

If only most other Republicans had those kinda balls.

But one problem at a time I suppose.

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