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Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Glass of Leonardo and the Holiconic Impulse

Invisible Hand - The Glass of Leonardo and the Holiconic Impulse

I don't know if there is anything to this or not.

Leonardo's Mirror

I have not been able to personally investigate as of yet.

But having recently registered at the site to gain access to Leonardo's notebooks on-line, and knowing that Leonardo did enjoy experimenting with mirror and cryptic images in both his notebooks and his artwork, I find the discovery (if it is a real discovery) rather fascinating. (Such a discovery could also have impressive, highly beneficial, and potent ramifications for the fields of steganography and image encryption.)

It reminds me of a kind of graphic or Image Palimpsest. I also find the idea interesting because I have been experimenting and trying to design holographic, 3-D, moving images (actually the motion in images occur due to observational position of the viewer in relation to the object in question) placed into Icons. These holographic Icons, which I call Holicons are designed to tell a story by having the Icon morph it's static image as the observer makes his way around the Icon following the Stations of the Cross, or some other invented programmatic queueing point.

So I find Leonardo's experiment in this matter more than interesting, if it does in fact prove out to be true.

It also gives me another idea about how to modify the Holicons I've been developing to include secondary and tertiary (maybe even multiple or polygraphic) images in a respect similar to what Leonardo may have been doing.

If this does prove out then I hope they dissect his methodology to try and discover his actual working techniques in this regard. That could prove extremely useful.


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