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Monday, June 11, 2007

The Exchange - No Dummy, No More…

The Exchange - No Dummy, No More…

What, exactly, to make of this story?
I can’t tell you, and in one sense I couldn’t care less.

While a good cross section of American popular culture and media has been both enamored of and entirely engrossed within the bounds of this silly story, I basically agreed with the statement posted by Hilton’s spokesman (whoever that might be) which basically concluded that, “much more important things are occurring in the world.”

Amen, brother, or sister. A helluvah lot more important.

And while I suspect Paris Hilton is no genius (nor am I the kinda person who thinks genius is the most important human quality or trait anyhow, but it is often better than the alternative), just from looking at her, I had assumed she was not nearly as stupid as her obvious public pretense. I just thought she was a gawky, frightened, somewhat ill mannered (but that problem really lies at the feet of her parents), naive, clumsy, likely arrogant (ditto the parents) little child. I don’t understand why that is important (in any respect); such kids are a dime a dozen in modern America, as much of a viper’s nest of self-absorbed, juvenile, not terribly bright, little narcissistic freaks as this nation currently and consistently produces through sexual union (though I’m hoping to God that will be changing pretty soon with the still younger generations). In other words Paris Hilton is common currency in America, she’s just more uncommonly common in her public persona than most.

But while visiting a message board I saw the article above and clicked on the link to see exactly what the girl had said and to try and decipher exactly what she might possibly mean.

Now I don’t take people at their word, unless I know them extremely well and have good evidence accrued over a long period of time and personal interaction that their word has some value beyond the decibel count and vapor cloud by which it is transmitted. And I’m also aware that many people say exactly what they wish, and sometimes even accidentally and lightly intend, when faced with pressures exerted by forces beyond their immediate control.

Does this chick mean anything she says?
Who knows? I don’t.

I don’t know this gal from Eve or Little Orphan Annie.

But assuming she is serious, even for just a moment, then maybe this is a story of personal redemption (how far it will go and how long it will last, again, who knows?) of the old fashioned kind.

And if it is, and that is a big if, then, go ahead girl. I won’t try and stop you.
Go ahead, repent, and redirect yourself. It’s no skin off my teeth and may even add life to yours. Your skin that is.

And thank the Judge who helped put you in the spot where you were faced with no other choice but to confront your past mistakes and find some method of correcting those juvenile personality traits you’ve previously vomited forth in great profusion, because contrary to those sycophants hovering around you, he gave you good for evil instead of telling you that whatever you do is good. Which is the kind of thing you tell a fool. So, maybe he thought he saw something more than a fool in you, and maybe he was right. Time will tell I reckon.

I can’t say I like you of course, because I don’t know you, I can’t say I think you’re a great looking gal either (you’re awfully skinny and stick-like for my tastes, you might try eating better), I can’t say that part of me isn’t really enjoying your plight, but I can say this, if you change, if you are sincere, then God be with you little girl and you’ll have my best wishes and even my occasional prayers. If you do learn, then learn, learn well, and remember long. Then make use of that.

Be as great and famous a young woman as you can be and not just a woman seeking greatness through fame.

You got your punishment, use it for something worthwhile, exploit this situation for the good of your own soul, and not just for the good of your brand, and one day you might even be good for somebody other than yourself.

Not that you care about my opinion, should care about my opinion, will ever read this, or need my advice and counsel.

But in any case if you are now on the right path then stay there, prosper, thrive, and do good as well as merely doing well.

And if you do then maybe this will be an important story after all.
We’ll see…

© JWG, Jr. 2007

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