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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Grapharium

Pesharim - The Grapharium

I've finally mustered an opportunity to post some of my Work Samples and Clips to my new On-Line Writing Portfolio.

It's still far from completed, but if I get a clip or sample up every day then in 20 to thirty days I can have every category filled.

Now all I have to do is get my On-Line Resume properly formatted and on-site and post the last of my recent samples and clips from previously published works.

I've been so busy lately with work, various projects, case files, internet writings, setting up my blogs and websites, church activities, and personal affairs that it has taken me much longer to complete my On-Line Writing Portfolio than I had originally anticipated. Still, it is coming together, little by little. I know the wife will be glad to see it finished.

Let me know what you think of it.
The appearance of the blog is starting to grow on me.

The Grapharium


Monday, October 30, 2006

Project Valour IT

Pesharim - Project Valour IT

I have joined the BlackFive Project Valour IT Fundraising Drive to provide technological advantages to disabled Veterans injured in combat.

I urge everyone who can to donate and if possible assist as a Team Member.

For more information on how you can help go to the Soldiers' Angels site.

If you would like to make a donation then simply click on my donation button near the top of this page.

If you would like to help out the Army then join Team Army.
After all, who are you gonna support otherwise, the Marines?



Soros on Soros

The Glair - Soros on Soros

I ran across this article/interview on George Soros today on the American Thinker.

Good Lord that man is... hollow.

The IGF and the UNet

The Glair - The IGF and the UNet


The UN thinks it will help regulate the internet.

Anything the UN becomes involved in is bound to work at least as well as sausage link fueled rocket ships and Gouda cheese built moonbases.

As for the IGF, any organization formed to regulate the internet that doesn't understand how to
physically organize itself, or run a conference, or how to employ the technology used to cover that conference, is in serious need of academic study. Which is the real value of the IGF, as a subject for a term paper at any predominantly liberal European University of higher aberration.

The UN on the other hand couldn't pick it's nose without US financial support. There wouldn't be an internet or world wide web without the US and I'm willing to bet the only exposure most UN officials have ever had to it is in the kiddy porn domain, which is something the UN excels at.

This is just an attempt by the UN to make it appear as if they are involved in a relevant way in relevant matters. As usual they are wrong on both accounts.

This isn't going to be a culture clash, it's going to be a culture crushing.

Anybody who wants to use the internet productively will side with us, all the socialists and bureaucraticians will throw in with the UN.

If the UN wants to be relevant and productive in a way that people who are likely to benefit from UN policies can enjoy then they should just float the UN ark to Belgium and dry-dock there. I say Belgium because by the time that august body could actually make a decision and complete the trip the year would be 2912 and France will be either completely depopulated or a Middle Eastern Colony known as Disney-Palestine Europa-land. Which come to think of it, maybe they should aim for France after all.

Godspeed little fellas and don't let the Statue of Liberty whack you on the ass on the way out. Though you sure could use it.

World discusses internet future

By Darren Waters Technology editor,
BBC News website, Athens

The forum was set up by the United Nations.

The future of the net is the ambitious topic under discussion at the first global Internet Governance Forum, being held in Athens over the next five days.

It has been set up by the UN to give governments, companies, organisations and individuals space for debate.

Nitin Desai, chair of the organising body for IGF, has said the forum needed "dialogue in good faith".

He warned that the biggest challenge in making the IGF successful was a "potential culture clash".

article continued here: UN to Regulate Internet

Shadows on a Moonless Midnight

Signal, Sygnet and Sigil - Shadows on a Moonless Midnight


The article below was inspired by an article I read by Josh Manchester whose blog is the Adventures of Chester. I have been reading this blog for some time and endorse it.

My article discusses in brief ideas I have been developing for years, as well as conversations over time with some of my friends regarding these matters.

I suggest reading Josh Manchester's Article as well.


One of the main and most persistent problems of this entire conflict has been the general failure by the public, as well as by many in the military and Intelligence communities to recognize the links between criminal activity directly associated with terrorism, overall terrorist strategy (on a regional and global basis), terrorist propaganda efforts (both directed towards their own potential recruits and used as a vehicle to suppress or depress opposition efforts - psychological and political attacks against the War Efforts in Iraq for instance), and the art of infiltration.

Terrorism, and terrorist recruitment is an underground, undercover, and clandestine effort. Propaganda efforts aimed at new recruitment is a clandestine operation and effort. Yet the United States fights our own propaganda war in an open and overt manner, completely losing all potential advantages of waging a covert propaganda war.

The US is also terrible at infiltration, dis and miscommunications, and undercover penetration of terrorist cells and the criminal organizations and rogue regimes that support and enhance their operations. Why? In my opinion for no better reason than a psychological resistance to the idea of adopting the operational methodologies of the enemy. Yet that is exactly how we should be operating, as the enemy does.

Obviously our goals differ, as would the methods by which we would seek to achieve both our war and peace objectives, but we could learn much and should learn much from the techniques of the enemy. This is a guerilla and Indian war. This is not a war against states with hierarchical organizational structures, though many rogue regimes assist terrorist aims, and many other nations, such as China and Russia and France indirectly assist those aims as well.

We should have a long time ago developed our own shadow forces; Forces, Teams, and Organizations (be they military, law enforcement, undercover, infiltration, or intelligence) that operate as mirror images of terrorist cells. These would be counter terrorist teams but their job would be to operate exactly like terrorist cells. I intend to write a more detailed paper about how these forces should be constructed, the benefits to be derived from the proper development of such forces, and how they would operate, for the B Reader, but suffice it to say for the moment that their operational purposes would include deep infiltration, intelligence gathering and construction (that is they could construct intelligence operations built upon anticipations and projections they make based upon the fact that they are mimicking real world terrorist cells), undercover work, covert and background psychological operations and propaganda warfare, and recruitment of operatives and agents in Islamic territories and organizations.

To beat, to overwhelm, to corrupt, to undermine, and to eventually convert the populations of those who oppose us we must become like the enemy, we must operate in a fashion and mode that the enemy understands. We must become better terrorists than they. Not with the intentions of undertaking terrorist acts, but in understanding and anticipating terrorist actions and in understanding and anticipating the actions of those regimes which support terrorist activities.

Currently we are woefully inadequate at the arts of infiltration, of undercover operations (both against International Criminal Cartels and against Terrorist cells), of counter-recruitment and of turning terrorist operatives, and most especially at the propaganda wars. You can win a war against another military force by military action alone, but you cannot win a successful peace by military action alone. It takes a combination of cultural, military, social, religious, political, economic, law enforcement, intelligence, and propaganda-mission oriented efforts. We have been very successful militarily, but only moderately to minimally successful along the political, cultural, social, economic and intelligence spheres of operations. We are an utter failure and disgrace thus far at our efforts concerning the religious, law enforcement, and propaganda based aspects of our strategy. And I would go so far as to say this is primarily due to the fact that we have no real strategies, or only immaturely developed strategies to exploit these absolutely important aspects of infiltration and undercover warfare. For too long we have fought this war as a reactionary conflict, when we should have been fighting it as an anticipatory set of actions designed to overwhelm our enemies. Currently we either react to enemy attacks or attempt to thwart future or attempted enemy attacks. But we almost never preempt terrorist structures and actions in the same sense in which we attempted to preempt rogue regime support for those actions by invading Iraq. I am not against the War in Iraq, I think that if properly exploited Iraq would help to cripple Islamic fascism throughout the region, and by having a functional and effective base of operations for Western Ideals in that area help to eventually crush Islamic fascism on a global scale. In addition a successful Iraq could have beneficial effects upon other enemies, such as Iran, North Korea, and China. If it works it could help to stabilize the entire world over time giving us specific and unique leverage in that vital area of the world. However we must properly exploit Iraq both for the good of the Iraqi people we have helped to liberate and for our own national and international interests. And we are not properly exploiting Iraq because we are fighting a reactionary and police state war there when we should be fighting an Infiltration and Undercover/Clandestine war.

We cannot fight and win a war, which is based upon deception, disinformation, propaganda, recruitment, infiltration, and clandestine action, when we are unwilling to develop the types of forces and counterforces necessary to fight enemies who intuitively understand the types of warfare in which the world is immediately engaged.

The United States must become far better at deception, disinformation, miscommunication, propaganda, recruitment, deception, infiltration, undercover operation, and clandestine action than any enemy we are likely to encounter. We must operate as a state army, as a national security force, but we must infiltrate as if we were a small guerilla and terrorist force whose very survival depends not upon technological superiority but psychological strength and cunning and guile and craft.

The Soldier of the United States learned to fight and was formed in the crucible of the Indian War, of the guerilla fight, of the Swamp Fox. We must return to those roots, both tactically and strategically. Our governmental strategy, the course plotted in the Pentagon, the covert plan of our State Department must make allowance for and assume certain basic ideals and practices of operation, chief among these being the fact that being better at what the enemy does than they are is not a disgraceful manner of behavior, it is a necessary and even brilliant one. We must hunt as the wolf hunts. We will hunt for different reasons of course, and to a different end, but we must become even better than the wolf at tracking, at infiltration, at cover, at disguise, at camouflage, at stealth, at methodology, and at penetration. And when the War on Terror is finally over then historians will be able to look back and say, "the terrorists were good, but the Americans, by God, were like Shadows on a Moonless Midnight."

We can win a Midnight War; of course, we’ve done it before, but not if we insist on doing all our fighting at High Noon and in broad daylight.

© JWG, Jr. 2006

P.S:I also encourage everyone to read Eric Egland's broad, excellent and insightful article about redesign of War Plans and Tactics in Iraq. It echoes many of the discussions my buddies and I have been having on this very issue for years.

I think though that these recommendations could be well applied to the overall War on Terrorism, no matter the theatre of operation.

Six Steps to Victory

Friday, October 27, 2006

Interesting Developments

Pesharim - Interesting Developments

1. I use both Browsers, and although IE7 has some interesting new features and is better optimized for some sites, Firefox is in my opinion the far superior browser. It is far faster, subject to less security incursions, and most importantly it is less prone to freezing, hang-ups, and overextension. It is also more fluid, flexible and intuitive in operation, and the tag functions operate more smoothly and without problem. I also suspect it drains far less in resource costs, especially memory.

From what I've seen of Vista and my own experience with XP I'm not exactly up in arms with anticipation at Microsoft's new OS either.

You know I've given Microsoft the benefit of the doubt for a long time, and still give them much credit for helping to invent the Personal Computing industry, but it is well past time they underwent serious business, design, application, and technological reforms. If so many of my clients did not use Microsoft OSs and applications then I would dump all Microsoft products on my own systems and go for Linux.

Unfortunately I cannot afford to do that and undergo all of the inter-related hassle of making my stuff compatible with every particular client.

2. Well, it looks like another round robin set of Regional and Civil Wars in Africa.

Imagine that... I knew someone who was hacked to death by machete in Rwanda.

One thing you can definitely say about Africa, they know how to do killing and murder up close and personal.

And in great numbers.

Of course they are awful good at starvation, disease, plague, and poverty as well.
If you're gonna be good at something, go all out I say.

3. Now this is one Tower of Babel I hope reaches a successful conclusion.

4. If this story is true then I'm looking forward to the research and possible eventual applications. I can see more extended possible use than those disclosed here, but nevertheless this is a fascinating little Article.

You know this made me think of the previous idea I had of creating a water filled treated vat for astronauts in deep space to exercise in. It also makes me think of numerous other applications.

6. Little Green Footballs recommends this Book. I do as well.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Redeployments and Realignments

Signal, Sygnet and Sigil - Redeployments and Realignments

Assuming this Article is indeed legitimate, I am very much in favor of this type of troop realignment and redeployment. And I have been personally advocating this idea for some time.

I think every Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine, and those in Special Forces units (even those normally not spun up except for exceptional mission scenarios - such as Counter-Terrorism Rescue and Hostage Rescue Teams) should spend some active duty time in a combat zone or in a combat theatre, even if only for six months.

No Armed Force of the United States, especially an all-volunteer force should consist of those who have been in Combat Areas (Combat Veterans - whose deployments are usually far too exhaustive and exhausting), and those who have never seen or Know Nothing of Combat Areas (Combat Virgins). Even those in the Institutional Force should be serving some period of time in and around combat theatres. It will make them far better, far more experienced, and far more valuable trainers.

Of course you do not necessarily want every trooper who is transferred to a combat theatre to see combat (or even necessarily see the most dangerous areas of a combat theatre), but you do want them to at least gain a necessary education in, and to become acclimated towards, combat conditions. You also want those who do not directly engage in fighting to gain experience in offering logistical and close support to those troops who are engaged in active combat. And I suspect that it would greatly and beneficially contribute to overall force cohesion.

By the way, it looks like another great is Going Black.

You know, I'm to the point now of thinking about asking for legislative action to help address this problem.

I still think the problem could be easily addressed though through clever use of technological filters.

Verona, Kennedy, and Counter-Terrorism

Signal, Sygnet and Sigil - Verona, Kennedy, and Counter-Terrorism

Ace, over at the Ace of Spades has been doing a recent series on some information taken from the Verona Decrypts.

Some of you may remember me discussing Verona with you some time ago via email.

A while back, (and please excuse my faulty memory as to the exact source or sources - I think I read them on the CIA site or the FBI site, or both- you know how much technical reading I do) I read much of the Verona information and information regarding the related operations on governmental websites, at least those portions that they were willing to release to the public. Of course you can obtain more detailed information by a FOIA request, but I find it extremely interesting that the Company and Bureau websites apparently no longer allow direct public access to these files.

I'm wondering if this might not be related to two separate, but perhaps inter-related matters. One is due to the fact of how much political data can be gleaned, even about current political figures, such as Ted Kennedy. And this has indeed been the focus of the series done by Ace, among others. See here. And here.

The other thing I'm wondering about is the fact that the Verona information may have been purposely removed because it allowed free and public study of potential methods and procedures (that is the information allowed one to easily infer practical methods) for the gathering of intelligence information. I haven't had time to test this thesis lately due to being so busy with other matters, but if other files regarding Intelligence and Law Enforcement Operations have indeed been removed form easy public access on various governmental websites, then I can be reasonably certain that particular parties are indeed very concerned that past operations may offer clues as to methodology which could be exploited by various enemies and could allow them to penetrate our ongoing intelligence, counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism operations.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Meaning of Life

Marxed - The Meaning of Life

A Eulogy for Baby Boomers, Generation X'ers, the Rock the Vote Crowd (who never actually vote) and all of those other outstanding modern types.

Life consists of the following things: food, drink, work, television, the internet, film, music, books.
If you haven't been aborted yet, and who doesn't think that's a good idea, then you pretty much know this by now.

Which reminds me of a little story, in verse (stop right here and read no further).

The Meaning of Life

  • I've never done a thing in life,
  • I ate my share away
    I'm from a generation lost,
    The future past today.
  • I watch a lot of good ole tube
    And see a film or two,
    I cruise across the shiny web
    Cause that's the thing to do.
  • I think that I will sing a song
    Just like my favorite band
    Or maybe I could watch awhile,
    Is that woman some kinda man?
  • An actress is my favorite guy
    Man, if my life was that!
    I think that I might plate my teeth
    And tattoo up my ass!!
  • I know, I think I'll read a book
    To cure my boring mind,
    And one day I might do something
    To try and kill the time.
  • But not today my good ole friends
    I'm busy at nothing now,
    I'll never do a thing in life
    I'm faceless in the crowd.
  • Something now to feed my face
    And drink ambition dead -
    I'll never do a thing in life
    It is my secret dread.
  • But cable offers me new hope
    A channel never seen
    Perhaps someone will show me how
    Or do something for me?
  • With courage like a bleating mouse
    I drain my manhood dry,
    My friends are all as brave as me
    Which makes me want to cry.
  • Not really, it was all a joke
    I'm satisfied you see
    My life is music, books, and film
    And don't forget TV.
  • So let adventure come and go
    I watch it on the screen
    Who'd want to do a thing in life
    When nothing is your dream?
  • I'll never do a thing in life
    But that's okay by me
    If you just had my life to live
    You'd want it too you see.

    Gravity and Water

    Invisible Hand - Gravity and Water

    You know I was thinking about this article while in the shower tonight and it suddenly hit me that if You could construct a vat or tank of water which could be made to rotate around a ship (by affixtures) rapidly enough then you could not only create a small bubble of artificial gravity (though weak) but you could also let astronauts climb inside that cavity when it was filled with water in order to exercise against the water pressure. The combined differences, the water pressure (if properly compressed and encapsulated), combined with the small field of artificial gravity would allow an astronaut to maintain bodily muscular activity and strength and allow skeletal density to be taxed, perhaps to the degree one might find on the gravitational field of the moon. I could easily design such a craft myself. And perhaps treated water can act as a radiation dispersal and diffusing field similar to the effects of liquid bending visible light.

    In addition two other ideas occurred to me. What, if any, are the effects from low to no gravity on cancer development (both incidence and severity of the disease) and as regards cellular reproduction rates of cancer cells and rates of necrosis and telemere degradation? Do relative strengths of gravity fields affect cancer like syndromatic diseases, and if so, how?

    But the other idea has more practical and immediate applications. It occurred to me that sufficient time inside a body of water, vat or tank, might have some effect upon certain types of cancer. Especially if combined with entrained subsonic fields and certain light frequency, perhaps even oscillating subsonic and light fields. Also it made me think of encasing cancerous tumors inside self-contained liquid cavities which could be emplaced in the body, therefore isolating them like an internal, liquid filled bandaid. It also made me think of the idea of developing portable water tanks, in the shape of wearable vests, like a life preserver, only water or liquid filled (and of similar clothing simulators) which are really liquid band for the treatment of wounds and possibly even cancers. Would such vests or components have any effect on pain control?

    Anywho I'm gonna hav'ta transfer these ideas into my experimental notebooks for later empirical experimentation.If any of you have ever heard of such experiments, or of techniques like water therapy as applied to cancer treatment (as opposed to rehabilitational therapy) then let me know what you know and I'll investigate the matter more thoroughly.

    Radiation and Bone Loss: Deep Space Mission Concerns

    By Robin Lloyd

    Special to SPACE.com

    posted: 18 July 2006 06:57 am ET

    A single dose of radiation approaching what will be faced by long-term space travelers to the Moon or Mars causes as much as a 39 percent spongy bone loss in mice, a new study shows. The loss of connectivity in spongy bone ranged as high as 64 percent for one of the types of radiation tested, along the lines of an osteoporosis diagnosis.

    The results say nothing directly about the effect of space radiation on people but it has implications for the future of human spaceflight, especially given the U.S. commitment to send astronauts on long trips beyond low-Earth orbit. Both mice and humans lose bone after radiation exposure. "We were surprised that there was bone loss, and the degree was a lot more than we expected," said Ted Bateman of Clemson University, lead author of the research report.

    "We're seeing bone loss at much lower doses of radiation than we expected."What's lost Scientists already know that cancer patients who receive radiation treatments have a higher risk for spontaneous bone fractures down the line. Now it's more clear why.

    For Bateman's experiment, 38 female mice were exposed to radiation, receiving about the same amount that would be a single day's dose for someone suffering from cancer. The gamma, proton, carbon and iron radiation used in the experiment is less damaging than the complex mix of radiation (protons and heavy ions, or ionizing radiation) that long-term space travelers will experience.

    Bone is comprised of hard or cortical bone on the outside and marrow inside, as well as bone adjacent the marrow, called trabecular bone. This spongy part of the bone is key to bearing weight and preventing fractures. In the experiment, radiation had no real effect on cortical bone. The result of Bateman's study, published in Journal of Applied Physiology, was a profound loss of trabecular bone—about 30 percent for all types of radiation, with carbon radiation inflicting 39 percent loss, the most of all. The loss of spongy connections in the four radiation groups ranged from 46 to 64 percent, with proton radiation inflicting the worst damage in terms of connectivity.Fewer interconnected struts means more load on each of them, leaving bone structure less efficient and more vulnerable to fracture. Trabecular bone connectivity is irreplaceable once lost. "You can regain bone mass," Bateman told SPACE.com, "but once the connections between struts is lost, the load is not being passed from strut to strut and that becomes permanent. Struts can become larger and thicker but loads are not transferred as efficiently once you've lost the connections between struts."

    ImplicationsCurrently, astronauts on the International Space Station and shuttle lose about 2 percent of their bone mass for each month in space as a result of microgravity much more than as a result of cosmic or solar radiation given their relatively short stays in space and protection by Earth's magnetic field. The new study shows that on longer flights, such as a 6-month trip to the Moon or 30-month trip to Mars, the bone lost as a result of microgravity will be compounded by more extensive bone loss as a result of radiation exposure. Up to now, NASA has focused on radiation's cancer-causing properties and effect on the central nervous and immune systems. The effect on bone health has been unexamined. "Now we're concerned that radiation and reduced gravity are both going to contribute to bone loss," Bateman said.Procter and Gamble, which makes an osteoporosis drug called Actonel, helped to support the research.

    Monday, October 23, 2006

    Milblogs II

    Signal, Sygnet and Sigil - Milblogs II

    I sent the link regarding the Milblogs discussion on Blackfive to an old friend of mine who is an Intel officer, and he asked me to post his response. He wishes to remain anonymous and I have paraphrased his comments.

    His response is below:

    "Having been both an Intel Office and a Combat Officer I know that the issue of milblogs is a complex one. On the one hand they are an excellent propaganda tool and a method of distributing information to the public, which often has the information it does receive through the media heavily filtered or altered for effect. Yes, milblogs are an important source of real information on the war to millions of Americans. I would not want to shut one down unless absolutely necessary. However, there is one factor you gentlemen have not touched on. That factor is manpower: reviewing of milblogs is a Battalion and Brigade S2 function, and you all know that Battalion and Brigade S2s just don't have enough people assigned to do all the other Intel tasks. Telling us to review all Soldier blogs before they're posted in order to ensure OPSEC is giving tactical S2s a time consuming and realistically impossible task. Some S2s just say no, some don't bother to check, and most of us just do the best with what we've got, which ain't nearly enough. I enjoyed reading the other posts on this issue on Blackfive by the way and thought most of the comments informative and well thought out. Thanks."

    Personally, I think that a lot of these problems could be solved as an IT matter simply by developing an application which filters content searching for OPSEC data and either places that data on hold for later inspection (thereby saving officers the need to read posted blogs - they could simply scan content extractions which showed as questionable. Then if the data contains nothing harmful it could allow the full posting to show later (after approval) or it could simply extract or excise harmful data contained in the original post. This seems to me far more easily solved as a technological problem than a political or military one, or even a legal one.

    Besides since Milblogs are technological conduits it seems only appropriate that such problems could be rectified not by placing blame upon the soldier or increasing officer workload but simply by having the military tech officers devise an appropriate and effective filtering system and software. You would of course face hacker and security threats at the filtering point but milblogs and other military information systems already face such threats. That's life.



    Saturday, October 21, 2006

    The BBC and You: Why We Slight

    The Glair - The BBC and You: Why We Slight

    I thought this was an excellent send up of the BBC on Michelle Malkin's blog.

    British Broadcasting Disservice

    New Subjects

    Pesharim - New Subjects

    I have placed a New Poll at the top in regards to Reform of the Priesthood.

    I have placed a New Recommendation up in the box.

    I have created a new list of Favored and Approved subjects in the sidebar.

    I have devised a New List of Subjects for both my professional and hobby photographic work.
    These are the targets I intend to concentrate upon during the Winter months.



    Public Buildings
    Urban Decay
    High Crime Areas
    Historical Sites
    Private Buildings and Complexes
    Sport Centers
    Industrial Centers
    War Zones
    Crime Scenes
    Gang Locales
    Dead Drops

    Urban Exploration Subjects

    Deserted Buildings
    Construction Sites
    Demolition Sites
    Archaeological Sites
    Old Mills
    Utility Centers and Complexes
    Disaster Areas


    Unusual Terrain
    Botanical Life

    Rural Exploration Subjects

    Deserted Farmlands
    Dead or Deserted Industrial Centers
    Old Mills
    Outposts/Frontier Stations/Ranger Stations
    Animal Beds and Homes


    Signal, Sygnet and Sigil - Milblogs

    This is an excellent page on Blackfive regarding a series of comments concerning Milblogs and Milblogging.

    I highly recommend this read.

    Blackfive and Milblogs

    Friday, October 20, 2006

    Blog of the Day

    Pesharim - Blog of the Day

    I did not realise this at first but apparently I won a Blog of the Day Award.

    Since I'm relatively new to Blogging I did not at first understand what Rob was telling me until I revisited his site and discovered that I had been featured there and given the Award Code.

    So I've added it to my Support Section in the Sidebar, and I appreciate the honor done me.
    I've also added a link to the Blog of the Day in my Links to Other Blogs.

    Thank You.



    Humours of Idleness - Opacity

    I have discovered a brilliant new site for Vadding and Urban Exploration on the web.

    It is called Opacity and I have included the link in my Recommendations Box above.

    It will also go into my List of Interesting Websites

    The B Reader in Preparation

    Pesharim - The B Reader in Preparation


    I'm taking ideas, comments, suggestions, and recommendations on whether I should
    make the B-Reader an entirely
    separate blog, or whether I should incorporate it within the body of the Missal.

    If you
    have an opinion as to whether it should be a separate Blog or simply be
    incorporated into it's own section of the Missal then let me know.

    Related Links:

    The B-Reader

    A Global Network

    Shadows on a Moonless Midnight

    Over the past month or so I have been developing materials and content for the new Blog I intend to launch dealing with military, intelligence, investigative, law enforcement, political, cultural, religious, and international matters.

    This new blog will be entitled the "B Reader" and should be up and running by the end of December, if no problems are encountered. At this point I expect no problems.

    The articles I intend to write so far include the following subjects (but I have not yet decided upon the exact titles):

    New SWAT Tactics - Why the police must consider hostage takers as domestic terrorists and why new tactics and infiltration/kill teams must be developed to liquidate, not capture, such suspects at the earliest possible moment. (This will be my first article).

    Eastern Europe - Why Eastern Europe needs a combined, single, intelligence sharing organization to coordinate Intelligence gathered from Asia, Europe and Africa. Why Eastern Europe cannot depend upon Western Europe for either defense or intelligence sharing, and why Eastern Europe needs stronger economic, political, cultural, military and financial ties to the US, and why the US needs stronger ties to Eastern Europe.

    The Cell Wars: How the New War is not really just a War on Terrorism, but is also a War on International Entities, Corporate Individuals, Rogue Regimes, and International Criminal Cartels - Why ICCs are really smuggling, trafficking, border penetration and logistical support organizations for terrorist groups, how criminal gangs and terrorist cell activity overlaps, and how to use such alliances to infiltrate both organizations.

    American Misunderestimation - Why the Military and Law Enforcement still does not work effectively in cooperation, and how to create support teams and liaison agents to operate in the organizations of both.

    The Employment of the Amateur Line - How to effectively employ private citizens and individuals, as well as private small group organizations and PIINs in the Cell Wars.

    PIIN - Private Intelligence and Investigative Networks - Continuing and completing the paper I started elsewhere.

    Vadding and Infiltration - Turning a private and individual pursuit of exploration and infiltration into a personal and team effort to assist the authorities in suppressing crime and fighting terrorism.

    Propaganda and Strategic Psychological Operations - Why we are failing, and possible corrective actions.

    My Analysis of the Litvineneko Case: Post Mortem - An analysis of likely suspects and motivations regarding the assassination of Litvinenko and the effect his assassination is likely to have on national, institutional, organizational, and private intelligence networks.

    The Renaissance Soldier - How to develop a new generation of Renaissance Special Forces Teams, as well as incorporating a wider range of highly capable, multi-functional Renaissance and Special Forces Skill Capacities in the standard development of normal troop units and individual soldiers.

    The Renaissance Lawman - How to develop and train a new generation of modern lawmen with a wide range of inherent capabilities such as intelligence gathering, intelligence analysis, infiltration, counter-terrorism, etc. to support their already existing law enforcement, forensic and investigative/detective capacities.

    I hope some of my readers will consider writing papers, articles, commentary or criticism or your own for inclusion in the blog or will even consider becoming occasional or regular contributors. Both professionals and amateurs are welcome to read, comment, and contribute.
    If interested contact me by email or leave a comment on this blog.


    Wednesday, October 18, 2006

    Shooting in the Rain

    Pesharim - Shooting in the Rain

    These shots were taken in the rain, for the most part, except for the last shot which was taken at night. I altered and enhanced the image using my Corel Photo Paint program.

    The first three are of an animal corpse I came across on a very deserted and isolated road. Because the animal seemed to have been partially skinned as well as being partially crushed by a vehicle or vehicles I could not say with absolute certainty what the animal was, but given the evidence of the remains and what had apparently been done to the corpse I think it most likely was a brown fox. I think it most likely the fox was shot or trapped, then killed and partially skinned, then the remains dumped on the road. I cannot be absolutely sure that was the sequence of events and even to verify what kind of animal it was would mean I would have had to have taken bone and hair samples for comparative analysis, but I think this the most likely set of deductions. In any case I always like taking shots of animal corpses as it gives me good practice in the taking of forensic photographic images.

    These shots are of a squirrel my Great Bernard caught and killed. You can clearly see the puncture wounds on the body of the squirrel which no doubt contributed to the shock which led to death. My Great Bernard was awfully proud of his kill, however not long after taking these shots my Great Dane bitch came along and took the corpse. At first my Great Bernard growled at her and seemed ready for a fight, but then he just turned and let her have it. He has learned already that if a female wants what you have then just go ahead and give it up, she'll get it eventually anyway.

    This last shot is of a pregnant praying mantis I took near nightfall. I altered the image as I mentioned above. I intend to enter this photograph in Matt Bamberg's Halloween Photographic contest.

    Digital Art Book

    Pesharim - Digital Art Book

    I forgot to mention earlier that I wrote a review for Matt Bamberg's book "Digital Art Photography for Dummies."

    I have the book and really enjoyed it. You may find the review on the Amazon site for his book.
    His blog is here: http://digitalartphotographyfordummies.blogspot.com/

    Civil War

    Pesharim - Civil War

    CIVIL WAR - This has split my family as well. It is undoubtedly the greatest, most interesting, and downright most clever thing Marvel has ever done.

    The basic premise is as follows. For a long time the US government, some foreign governments and political constituencies have wanted to register mutants and superheroes so that they can be controlled and monitored by a governmental agency. This push has accelerated as a result of the War on Terrorism and because certain superheroes have conducted ad hoc and private anti-terrorism/anti-ICC campaigns of their own which many in the government, military and in certain agencies consider dangerous.

    A short time ago a junior grade team of upstart superheroes decides they will recapture some known escapees and supercriminals who are on the lam, but whose location they have discovered. The attempt to take them into custody bounty-hunter fashion results in one of the supercriminals triggering a catalyzed fuel explosion on a school bus which also ignites and blows up an elementary school resulting in between 600 and 900 probable fatalities, most of them school children.

    As a result of this lethal incident an immediate emergency legislative session is called and the Congress passes a mandatory pubic registration act for all mutants and superheroes, which the president is going to sign.

    This splits the superhero community in half, some, siding with Tony Stark, Reed Richards and Peter Parker decided to go the registration route and to publicly disclose their identities, becoming governmental employees.

    Others, backed by Captain America decide to try to maintain their identities and natures as vigilante operatives outside official legal and governmental control.It has become a fascinating series with extremely interesting points and arguments on both sides. I've never been a big Marvel fan, except for Spiderman, Daredevil, and sometimes Iron Man. I never cared for Cap until reading recent New Avengers. Since then I've gained great respect for the Cap character and his leadership abilities.

    My wife, who before we married never read comics and also didn't like Marvel very much, (we're both DC fans, and for team or group magazines we prefer Justice League) has though become as equally enthralled by this series (Civil War) as she has with the New Avengers.

    Her position is that no superhero should be forced to register, reveal their secret identities, or be forced to work for, be paid by, or employed by any government, the US government included.

    Yet despite the fact that I Vad, often intentionally avoid the authorities, almost never operate in any way but alone, I cannot help but finding myself in general sympathy with Iron Man, Richards, and Spiderman that superheroes and mutants should register and be in some way regulated.

    Now I think a compromise could be reached in which mutants and superheroes could be registered for legal purposes, information collected about them, maybe even genetic samples taken of them, and yet their personal identities guarded from general public disclosure, just as is the case with many Intel agents and operatives and even case officers and is the case with many Special Forces Soldiers, especially in active theatres of operation. I also don't think it necessary or desirable that such individuals would become automatic representatives of some governmental agency or directly employed by and paid by the US government. Some could form up as special paramilitary units, others as law enforcement units, some as Intel, some as special operatives and some could assist on a strictly voluntary basis. But, and maybe this is just age and experience on my part (when younger the thought of something like registration would have brought automatic revulsion for me), given those general conditions I would register if so approached. As a patriotic act and to assist others if I could.

    One thing I really like about this series and storyline is that it asks some really interesting and difficult real world questions, questions I've faced before personally and other things I could easily imagine myself undergoing in such a predicament and situation, and I can see hard arguments both yea and nay on both sides. Also the series thus far has made no attempt to preach or proclaim a "right side" in such a conflict, as there is I think no right side in such matters. In any case I think this is the best comic myth storyline series I've read in over a decade.Excellent work and tough considerations. I like very much this Civil War.

    I encourage everyone to read this series if they enjoy comics.

    Addendum: Since the cloned Thor killed Bill Foster (Goliath) I have begun to have serious reservations about the manner in which the registration program is being executed. I still support the idea of registering superheroes, or at least of devising a compromise, but the very fact that Reed Richards, Tony Stark and others supporting superhero registration are involved in illegal cloning projects and that these clones seem to be under external control instead of possessing free wills of their own, and the fact that they would attempt to clone a character like Thor (who up until recently I did not like at all, I kinda do now) and deploy him in such a way that this cloned Thor ends up killing a man, that bothers me a lot. I think now the program should be suspended and negotiations begun and some type of compromise reached, as I outlined above.

    I think though that the killing of Goliath and the introduction of the cloned Thor and deploying a team of super-villains to assist the Avengers against the Secret Avengers has made an absolutely brilliant set of plots and stroylines just that much more ingenious.

    I highly recommend this series.

    Tuesday, October 17, 2006

    Invisible Hand - Personality Aspects

    Invisible Hand - Personality Aspects

    Today, after helping teach class I went and took shots. It was raining so all the shots I took were taken either in a moderately heavy rain or during a full-fledged storm. While taking some of the shots I began thinking back to a time when a friend of mine at the University of Saint Petersburg (back then it was Leningrad) and I were working together on a new Theory of Personality.

    We never finished our work together but a large part of my contribution of the work involved Personality Aspects. (I used and use the term differently than it is commonly applied.) Not fragments of personality but the idea that each person has different Aspects of Personality, or to use Greek and Latin influenced interpretations, Mask Faces. (Persona means "Mask" and Aspect means "Face.")

    Now the general theory was a Theory of Integrated Personality for the Normal and Abnormal Personality Typologies, or even in some respects of Personality Integration - yet as part of the overall nature of the Integrated Personality I began developing the idea of Personality Aspects not as part of a Personality, nor as personality fragments, nor even as Personality Apparancies, but rather as separate Personality Sets based upon behavioral functionality. That is my view of Personality Aspects was that each separate Personality Aspect was, in Normal and Abnormal (originally Abnormal did not mean sub-normal, but Hypernormal, or "Beyond Normal Functioning") individuals, a set of personality traits related to function. A persona might have numerous Personality Aspects, all of which act together or even integrate seamlessly into a general harmonious Personality Whole, but each Aspect might operate as a personality sub-set based upon function. A person might seem like a totally different person in any given set of different circumstances, yet this did not in normal or abnormal people entail or display a fracture within the personality, merely a recognition in the individual that different circumstances required different Personality Aspects, or a set of personality behaviors peculiar to a given situation.

    For instance at work a certain set of personality traits might be obviously displayed and in evidence within a given individual's behavior range, because at that time a particular "Personality Aspect" might need to be emphasized as signified by that aspect set. But at home another Personality Aspect might either be required, or even encouraged by a different environment. These differences in behavioral range (even if seemingly extreme to an outside observer) might be entirely normal or even desirous given the demands of the separate environments, but did not at all necessarily imply any type of psychological or even personality fragmentation or disturbance or disorder. (The same might not be said of subnormal personality types and individuals where different personality aspects might be either diagnostic cues or clues to underlying personality disorders of a pathological nature.)

    In any case, today, while out taking shots in the rain my mind drifted back to this work I did years and years ago, almost 15 years ago now, to my old Russian friend (I wish I could find him again) and what these ideas might imply. Something about being out in the rain, the darkness of the storm, the early fall of the sun as the seasons shift, all of this spurred on my thoughts. So in my head I began to make notes on my own individual Personality Aspects, the way each Aspect functions, and what kinds of basic "sets" of behavior are associated with each Aspect.

    Below I have listed each Aspect, or what I would call Major Personality Aspects (The Major and Most Important components of my overall Personality). I haven't listed any particular Aspect in any order, I have listed them as they occurred to me and as I was able to lodge them in my memory until such time as I could reach my daypack and retrieve my notebooks and tape recorders to record what I had been thinking about.

    Inventor/Scientist - This aspect prefers to work alone and in isolation, without input from other individuals, though occasionally I will seek out advice from others or wander around in crowds just for the noise and because watching people and animals gives me ideas about functionality and how my inventions might best be designed and employed. Also occasionally by watching people, animals, insects, and biological systems I can get ideas for experiments to conduct or theories to pursue. Most of the time I prefer to work in isolation, or to make observations from a place where I will not be observed, especially in the early stages of any design, experiment, or creation.

    Investigating/Analysis/Manhunting - These things I definitely prefer to do alone, both because of the danger and because I operate best alone in this kind of environment and at this type of activity. Manhunting sharpens my senses, makes me far more keenly observant and focused, heightens my mental and psychological faculties, and is intensely enjoyable to me. Hunting criminals and conducting investigations, interviews, and interrogations is also an intensely concentrated psychological activity to me and therefore I prefer to engage in these types of activities completely focused and without any outside distractions. Also in investigating or manhunting it is important to remain intensely focused upon one's goal and being alone helps me to devise a wide range of possibilities and to analyze these possibilities logically and without interfering prejudice. Sometimes though I will seek the advice of others when making an analysis of an investigative or intelligence matter.

    Civic/Teaching/Social - I prefer to engage in civic activities in the company of others of course, and occasionally if I lead such events, am teaching, or am taking photographs, or conducting some official function, I don't mind, may even prefer to operate in a large crowd. But usually when it comes to civic activities I prefer a small group of people as a participating audience or a small group of people with whom to operate. Often times in informal or relaxed social settings though or when going out in public I prefer large groups of people. Often, as my friends know I will also act foolishly or clownishly in public, sometimes to the point of being obnoxious. This is great fun to me and I love to clown and joke in such situations with strangers or with people whom I know I will likely never meet again. On these occasions I prefer large groups of people and to exploit humor. Often I enjoy acting this way on the internet as well, as the internet often evokes my satirical and sardonic sense of humor.

    Artist/Composer/Photographer - When drawing, sketching, painting, composing or taking photographs my general preference is for solitude and even absolute isolation if possible. Very much like when I am manhunting or engaged in a particularly fascinating investigation. The two exceptions are that occasionally when sketching or drawing I prefer to go into a crowd of people to get subject matter and occasionally I also like to take other people with me when taking photographs, people such as interesting friends, or one or both of my daughters.

    Family Man/Husband/Father - In these situations I prefer the company of my family, and like to play around and joke with them. I enjoy wrestling with my daughters (hopefully one day with a son as well), taking trips with them, doing things around the house, and being outdoors together, maybe tracking or playing with my dogs. With my family I am usually very sociable and my most relaxed. I am also though, at the same time, at my most intensely focused regarding security matters.

    Priest - When ever I feel a deep religious or spiritual conviction I prefer to be alone. I almost always think of them as circumstances involving my priestly, or more deeply spiritual and religious nature. Strangely enough though I prefer isolation when I am absorbed in my "Priestly Aspect" or nature. I will also however often wander about alone when in these moods looking for a stranger or some lone person or small group of people I may assist. When I was younger I usually most often associated this Aspect and these moments with deep meditative experiences, powerful prayer experiences, melancholy, dreams, visions, and trances. Nowadays, as I age, I associate them more with wandering alone, and with assisting others, but on an individual or personal basis. Almost pastorally. Still, for the most part my priestly nature is solitary and contemplative. The one exception is usually Communion, in which I feel priest-like in a crowd of people or in the congregation.

    Vadder/Explorer - I most often associate this aspect with activities that I psychologically consider similar in nature, such as investigations and even manhunting. Whenever I engage in Vadding or Exploring especially to places I have never been before or which I suspect to be dangerous I prefer to go alone. Always well equipped, but still alone. Occasionally I will take friends with me hiking, camping, mountain climbing, etc, and recently I have started training my daughters to Vad, but usually whether I am Rudding or Vadding I go alone. Often I go alone because of the danger. I know many people who say you should always Vad in a team, that one should never go alone to avoid disaster, being trapped, severe injury, or even death. But I have basically Vadded alone since I was about 12 to 13 years old, or even younger if you count the many expeditions I took alone when I lived in the city (a place I love to visit but hated living there), and see no reason to change my natural habits or inclination.

    Businessman - This may the single most social Aspect of all my Personality Aspects. From my business experiences I learned to develop deep, rich, and extensive networks. This later bled over into the idea as I aged that I should develop equally deep and rich social, political, civic, professional, religious, law enforcement, investigative, military, intelligence, communicative, institutional, and scientific networks, and also eventually helped me develop my theory of the Modern Renaissance Man. When involved in any type of business, financial, brokerage, capital, or start-up project I prefer to be as social as possible, to work with as many different individuals and groups as possible, and to delegate out work over as wide an area of expertise and capability as possible. When engaged in business I am my most social and feel the least need for solitude.

    Well, those are the most important 8 Aspects of my various Personality Aspects.
    Comment if you like, either on what I said, or about your own Personality Aspects.

    Today I took some very interesting shots, including shots of two animal corpses. I'll post those soon.

    © JG, Jr. 2006

    Monday, October 16, 2006

    Peharim - How I would Reform the Priesthood

    Pesharim - How I would Reform the Priesthood


    1. Celibacy would be optional. It would be neither encouraged nor discouraged, but would be considered a high personal honor, yet freely chosen or not chosen. Married priests would be able to become Bishops as well but only celibate priests could become Archbishops.

    2. Priests would be able to engage in enterprises and co-ops and investments in order to generate funds and to raise Capital and to build businesses. Such businesses and enterprises and investments would have to be of a high moral nature of course and be dedicated to God but priests would be encouraged to become more actively involved in the world economically and financially.

    3. Each married priest would be encouraged to undergo a 30 day period of personal celibacy each year working out the details with his wife of course.

    4. I would greatly encourage the development of Lay Priests to assist the priest and to serve in functions in which a priest could not.

    5. I would place far greater importance on Confession and in confession I would do away with penance in favor of Repentance, Reform and Restitution.

    6. Once every three to five years I would require every priest to go on Sabbatical to a monastery and Order of his choice for a sabbatical period of between one month and one year.

    7. I would encourage Parish and local Priests to be the representatives of the church to local governmental and political representatives and agencies. Bishoprics and Archbishoprics would be forbidden to become directly involved in governmental affairs at their level. Rather Bishops and Archbishops would be involved with and be liaisons to businesses, corporations, educational and charitable institutions.

    8. I would encourage priests, bishops and archbishops to spend part of their time in service to parishes and churches outside their own nation.

    9. I would encourage priests, bishops and archbishops to put aside their offices, collars and robes at some point in their career to spend a period of time in service to the poor and the sick. I would also require that they spend part of their career as missionaries, dressed in normal street clothes.

    10. I would allow and encourage the development of Priestesses as long as such a Priestess met all of the same requirements as a male Priest, accounting for gender differences of course.

    11. I would encourage Ecumenical activities on the parts of local and parish Priests.

    12. I would reform the Parish and Service/Station system.

    13. I would reform the funding/donation/charity system to make it as transparent as possible.

    14. I would reform the pay system so that priests who are considered exceptionally good (or Bishops or Archbishops for that matter) could receive higher salaries and could earn pay directly from local sources.

    15. I would encourage each priest to contribute 15% of all incomes received from investments or enterprises and all salaries received from work to church and charity. Each Bishop would be encouraged to give 20% of all monies received and each Archbishop 25% of all monies earned or received to church and charity.

    16. At death I would encourage all priests, bishops and archbishops to give away any monies not inherited by wife or children to church and charities.

    17. I would require that at some point during his priestly career each and every priest live for a short period of time on charity and alms.

    18. I would encourage far greater involvement in scientific activities, research and experimentation among priests. I would return Science to the church from which it originated, maybe even creating an Order of Scientific Priests.

    19. I would encourage the development and study of Art in the Priesthood. Perhaps even creating an Order of Priests dedicated to the study, development and production of Sacred Art, Film, Letters, and Culture.I may think of others later.

    Sunday, October 15, 2006

    The Exchange - A Global Network III

    The Exchange - A Global Network III
    Earlier this afternoon I reanalyzed traffic and readership to this blog. I discovered once again that most of my readers and visitors are American of course and yet I continue to pick up both visitors and readers from other paces in the world, notably Europe and Asia. Europe and Asia continue to make up the most significant portion of my non American readership.

    Breakdown of Traffic by Continent:

    Breakdown of Traffic by Country:

    I find it interesting to consider the recent visitors from:

    Hong Kong
    Saudi Arabia, and
    The Ukraine

    Saturday, October 14, 2006

    Humours of Idleness - Grael of Black Waters Photographs

    Humours of Idleness - Grael of Black Water Photographs

    Here are a couple of recent photographs that I altered using an idea I got from Matt Bamberg. I recommend his book. I have read it and found the suggestions very helpful. His blog is here.


    My friends in the military who are avid photographers would I think find this book especially useful.

    I will be attaching these photographs to a short story I am writing concerning Halloween.

    Friday, October 13, 2006

    Humours of Idleness - New Shots

    Humours of Idleness - New Shots

    I've been down for awhile with a neck injury. Most of the week actually.

    Haven't felt like doing much of anything, including working or even looking at my blogs and websites. But I'm recuperating and feeling better now.

    So I'm gonna post some recent pictures I've taken:

    One is of a large tree bole on the back or southern end of my land. (Some of you know I live in a very rural area.)

    One is of a lizard who lives on the roof of my south deck. We have several lizards and snakes that live around the house but he is one of the most brightly colored and playful. He's very fast as well. Some of the darker lizards will actually crawl up on your arm if you approach them slowly and cautiously. Not him though, he's too fast, small, and squirrelly. He won't really let you get near him. He does however seem to like posing for the camera and will often do so as long as you keep a somewhat discreet distance.

    One is of a cow-killer on the move. Cow-killers are pretty fast and this was a difficult shot. I had to walk quickly along side it and try to move the camera in front of it and estimate by eye where it would likely be in best focus to align the shot properly. It took about four failed shots as it ran along the road before I got a decent shot.

    One is of the swamp running alongside the riverbank where my daughters and I took our last Rudding expedition. As a kid I practically grew up in the local forests and swamps. This shot is only about five or six miles in a straight line from the Revolutionary Battle of the Great Cane Brake. This spot kinda reminds me of that battlefield.

    A shot taken along the riverbank of a large dog paw print and of a very large coon print right beside it.

    Well that's about it for now. I'll let you figure out for yourself which shot goes with which description.

    See ya later,


    Monday, October 09, 2006

    Humours of Idleness - Rudding Expedition to Ruins

    Humours of Idleness - Rudding Expedition to Ruins

    Last Friday my two daughters and I went on a Rudding Expedition, their first real formal Rudding Expedition.
    These are shots from that expedition.

    The expedition began around 1100 hours and we finished up about 1830, right before the sun began to drop. We spent most of the afternoon and evening in the forest and exploring ruins.
    More on that later.

    As promised here are some of the photographs from that little expedition. I'm not posting many shots from the trip here now, only about four because of time constraints and because I have other work to complete tonight. I'll post other shots later.

    Of the shots I'm posting now these involve an old abandoned Mill outpost building near a man-made lake which is part of the County Reservoir System. I had originally intended to do some bridging this time out, but instead discovered some abandoned ruins. Having found the ruins I then intended to Vad the abandoned building but the river crossing was a little rough for my daughters and I suspected that the building itself might prove dangerous for two young and inexperienced girls. So we merely explored the near bank and the old collapsed steel dam and floodgate where some recent but abandoned construction had been underway in the summer.

    It was humorous to me because when we first started this expedition my oldest daughter said, "Dad, it's just like I'm Lara Croft and you're my daddy!" She was very excited. By the end of the day both my daughters were complaining about how exhausted, dirty, afraid (of being in the dark woods and swamps we had trudged through), thirsty, and hungry they were, despite the fact that I had made sure we were well equipped and provisioned. They're just unused to long expeditions. They'll get used to it as they train and become more experienced.

    Construction Site: Lain up along a partially dammed section of the lowland outflow from the lake. The water in this area is probably twelve to fifteen feet deep and we saw many large fish in this little area as well as abandoned lures, meaning it is occasionally fished by those who know of the secluded spot. The water is dark green and is frequented by a large collection of various forms of wildlife as evidenced by the tracks and scats we encountered..

    Collapsed Outpost Dam and Floodgate: Old metallic and improvised dam and floodgate. It had been partially supported by large stones bulldozed in but the secondary metallic wall had already collapsed from force of the water pressure. I crossed to the middle area until reaching a metallic section which nearly collapsed under my weight. Rather than risk further advance I turned my daughters back to the near shore after scouting that far. I'll return later to cross and reconnoiter the building that you can just barely see in the upper left hand corner of the shot.

    Abandoned Outpost: The abandoned building itself. It rose three stories into the air and was mostly covered on the exterior by rather heavy growth of local vegetation. There was an entrance I could visually scout from a distance as well as one area that was climbable by thick vines.

    Dam and Outpost: A shot of the dam with the abandoned building in the background nearly entirely covered by vegetation.

    I'll post other shots from my expeditions in future posts.

    Below however you will find shots I have recently taken of other subject matter. Personally I think my photographic skills, regarding taking shots of the microworld, continue to improve.

    My Great Bernard - half Saint Bernard, half Great Dane: the Greatest Breed of Dog in the world.

    My Great Dane bitch, about 7 months old

    A local Katydid

    A Spider feeding upon a Dragonfly

    A Pregnant Mantis



    Jarod William Graham
    For Missive News

    Last updated: 7:05 AM
    Monday, October 9, 2006

    Late last night intelligence officials in Washington were warned by observational satellites and reconnaissance aircraft that it was possible, or even likely, that North Korea had tested and exploded a low-yield nuclear weapon. Such a weapon, if it were indeed nuclear in nature, would pose a grave threat to US security interests around the globe and could potentially threaten traditional US Allies such as Europe, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, and South Korea. In addition should the North Korean regime be able to export such nuclear technology then even North Korea’s traditional allies such as China and Russia could face the threat of nuclear blackmail from a rogue group, a terrorist agent, a potential coup attempt, or even an organized criminal group bent on extortion or financial gain.

    Because of these dangerous and dire possibilities even nations normally seen as hostile to the United States or at least extremely competitive towards US interests have begun to unite with Washington for their own good to mobilize against the dark and looming threat of a nuclear North Korea. The idea of a nuclear armed North Korea which in addition has deployable, mass produced long range missile delivery systems has promoted swift and decisive action the world over.

    France has agreed to immediately establish a commission to look into the idea of how to best counter the North Korean threat. According to the French Foreign Minister, acting in cooperation with the office of the French President, France is developing a plan of cooperation which will include devising highly punitive actions in the UN which will then be scuttled the day before such actions can actually be implemented. “France will,” in the words of the Foreign Ministry, “do our very best to convince the US and the rest of Europe that we mean business this time, and that we are the natural leaders of Europe. That we intend to crush this annoying little North Korean threat. Gullible nations such as Belgium, Austria, and many others will then follow us like sheep. The day before we are to take decisive action in the UN we will then shockingly neuter all possible real response by accumulating vetoes on the UN Security Council, including Chinese and Russian vetoes. Har! Har! Har! Then everyone will know once again why we in France call diplomacy the ‘true Art of France.’”

    Canada too has pledged immediate aid to defend the West from possible North Korean threat by missiles and nuclear weapons. Canada has decided to launch a fleet of tugboats, not less than two, but not more than six, of their most modern tugboats to wherever they may be most needed. The tugboats currently sit in dry-dock awaiting orders on deployment. Said Canada’s Chief of Naval Operations, “We’re serious. You tell us where to go, we’ll get there eventually.”

    A consortium of smaller European nations has decided to “worry indefinitely.” Asked by the press if they intended any other action the spokesman for the Green Party which heads this newly formed consortium replied, “Why, yes, we plan to pray to Mother Nature to help us all prevent littering, nuclear weapons, and global warming. Later in the year we also plan a Winter Solstice and Burning Man party and to march for human rights by burning down food factories. After that we all intend to get drunk, get high, turn on, and tune out. Plus, personally, I’m going to marry a goat from a nice Greek herd I’ve been looking at lately. Meeeowwwww!!

    Islamic clerical leaders have decided to do their part, and in a rare show of Islamic unity both Sunni and Shia clerics have called for, “the immediate hanging of Pope Benedict, the expulsion of the United States from all Islamic lands, the eradication of Israel, and for direct one on one talks between the Great Satan Bush and the Little Satan Kim. If we can get them talking seriously then they won’t notice when we quadruple the number of homicide bombings in Baghdad.”

    But without a doubt the most decisive and helpful action so far has occurred within the august body of the United Nations. The UN has formed no less than three committees to study the problem. These committees have been assigned to work closely with Syria, which now heads the Human Rights Commission of the UN, with Iran, which now heads the Anti-Terrorism Commission of the UN, and with Cambodia, which now heads the Efforts for International Democratization Office of the UN.

    The UN is expected to offer their findings within six months and to then recommend the formation of an international commission which will chair an attempt to create a diplomatic initiative possibly leading to 12, 15 or 25 member talks. The exact number of participants and what could realistically be achieved, if anything, is still a matter for future debate.

    However, not every nation agrees that immediate action needs to be considered. Venezuela has decided that the nuclear test by North Korea probably signals that Kim and his top government officials aren’t keeping warm enough during the winter months. Said Hugo Chavez, “It’s very hard to keep warm in the winter if your peasants aren’t working hard enough. So it’s just natural you have to go nuclear just to stay warm. The real problem is Bush and the United States. Bush and the United States are the real sources of every problem in the world. Therefore Venezuela has agreed to sell North Korea Citgo gas and oil at one-tenth the going market rate and to give away gas and heating oil to the poorer members of the North Korean government and military. Then if North Korea ever intends to repay the favor by helping with our future nuclear program I’ll listen. I’ve got big plans for all of South and Central America, and besides, I’m not going anywhere because I’m confident I’m going to be re-elected every single time I allow an election.”

    Fidel Castro offered a post-mortem statement which read, in part; “We agree with El Presidente Chavez.”

    Top government officials in Mexico, speaking on condition of anonymity told this reporter, “We’re not really concerned about North Korea developing nuclear weapons. Anything anyone can do to stick it to the Gringo, dat’s okay by us. Besides we don’t really have anything valuable enough for anyone to want to blow up. The only way we would ever be in danger is if North Korea gave nuclear weapons to Arab terrorists and those terrorists were trying to sneak those weapons into the US through our country. Then some clumsy Arab terrorist blows himself up prematurely like they do all the time in Palestine. But what are the odds of that happening? … Oh, God!! Somebody get me a phone and a line to Washington! Instante! Instante!!

    Now the world waits to see exactly what can be learned about the situation in North Korea and what can realistically be done about the current state of affairs. It would be awfully embarrassing if the United Sates invaded and liberated North Korea, stopped starvation and tyrannical oppression, gave liberty and equality to the ordinary people of that nation, fed, sheltered, and helped educate the children and offered them a better and brighter future only to discover that North Korea had not yet truly developed viable weapons of mass destruction. Then the whole effort would have been a horrible historical waste.

    © Missive News, 2006

    Sunday, October 08, 2006

    Marxed - Your Job, Should You Choose to Accept It...

    Marxed - Your Job, Should You Choose to Accept It...

    Your job is to regurgitate as many people as you've ever eaten.

    The rules are simple:

    1. On Tuesday no one is to look at what you vomit, unless of course they have previously decided to do so, and would like a sneak-peek.

    2. The Spanish Inquisition may not intervene unless the partially digested limbs of at least three people show up in your efflux.

    3. The Spanish Armada is checkmated at the first opportunity, then hung at daybreak. (I think we can all agree that no-one cares much for the Spanish Armada.)

    4. Do not eat yourself by accident unless you wish to suffer indigestion and probably an impaction that will result in painful defecation.

    5. Diarrhea does not count as a proper regurgitation, unless up to four people are passed in this manner by the morning of the third day. If that happens everyone eats their next door neighbor and the game continues on from that point with no survivors.

    6. If anyone is left standing by October 31st then that's your problem.

    7. 8 Days a Week is considered the standard. Standards are voluntary and optional, but not necessarily encouraged.

    8. All decisions and counterdecisions must be made by High Tehranian Tea Time, three months from now, then eaten ex post facto. Before this can happen any decisions must have been made the previous Monday and countersigned in wax with up to but not excluding over three witnesses, verified on the internet. Only internet verification or email disnotification will count in cases of an indisputable tie. Regurgitated and imaginary verifications are considered valid if you can trace the remains four generations into some alternative future that will never happen.

    9. When everyone has been properly regurgitated that will signal the end of the pre-sumptuous Starting stain. This will be further clarified by Jimmy Hoffa digesting his own liver, painfully if possible. Once that has been verified by email someone will be elected referee by democratic and secret vote. Obviously no-one will know who this person is except himself or herself, and of course they won't know either. It's secret. Underhanded shenanigans will not be tolerated because that is the point of this game.

    10. Blah, blah, blah, and something else and something else, and other stuff too.

    Well, that's it folks. If you think you can follow those rules and live with that then I don't want you around me.

    Go play by yourself.